5 simple ways to become active

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5 простых способов стать активным

1. Begin the walk. Become more active – not to take in a grueling workout and aim to run almost a marathon or doing bench press, lying in the gym at the speed of light. You don’t need to scare yourself fancy equipment and elaborate terms in the field of weight loss, you do not have to take a pricey gym membership or to enjoy the exclusive services of the sports center. All you need to do is to start walking his usual pace and enjoy the activity.

5 простых способов стать активным

2. Work standing up. Recent studies have shown that if a lot of time sitting, it can negatively affect overall health and life expectancy. If you sit at work most of the time, think about how to work standing up behind the high table or to get up and perform in this position your job when possible.

3. Do light exercise, including stretching. You don’t even need to leave home to begin to lead an active lifestyle. You don’t even have to stop to watch TV! Find cycle light stretching exercises that will suit you, in order to stretch and relax your muscles. Combined with walking, light stretching, sit-UPS and pushups can be a great tool to bring the body in shape for heavier loads, if you choose for them to start.

5 простых способов стать активным

4. Start doing 20 minutes a day. Do not overdo it the first time. A good way to gradually begin to do is to try first to do a new exercise, at least (but not more than) 20 minutes a day. Too much exhausting your muscles, you will not benefit your body, but you need to do the exercise long enough to make the heart beat fast enough and feel the benefits of an active lifestyle.

5. Try every day for twenty minutes to devote to physical activity. Select a convenient time or the period over which you are usually inactive. Either replace or Supplement TV viewing small active.

5 простых способов стать активным

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