5 shades of lipsticks that repel men

Find out what shades of lipsticks do not like men in makeup.

We all women in one degree or another choose outfits, hairstyles and makeup to please a man. Sometimes to charm a man, many go too far and choose bright and extravagant clothes, makeup and manicure, which can only alienate men. Today we talk about lipsticks that hit the android blacklist. If you want to charm a man, in any case, do not select those shades of lipsticks.

Dark red lipstick

So, all your favorite Bordeaux wine and lipstick can scare your man. In the opinion of men, dark shades of red lipstick look a little intimidating (especially if you sit in the restaurant and the lipstick starts to smear on the lips), informs Rus.Media.

5 відтінків помад, які відлякують чоловіків

Black lipstick

Also in the rating of lipsticks in the opinion of men got black lipstick. Despite the fact that these shades are very fashionable this season, better get them in the far corner, or use only for theme parties. Black lipstick on a date is to look awkward and scare your man.

5 відтінків помад, які відлякують чоловіків

Sequins and glitter

Fashionable shiny glitter lipstick is also not suited for a date with my husband. Lips will look very noticeable, but if a man wants to kiss you, then this lipstick will cause unpleasant and rather strange sensations.

5 відтінків помад, які відлякують чоловіків

Coral lipstick

Men are very rarely able to separate colors on the shades, so they have all the standard, if lipstick plum color, then purple. The same situation with a coral tint, which is associated with men in orange.

5 відтінків помад, які відлякують чоловіків

All shades of purple

Color fuchsia, violet, ultra-violet – all these shades of lipsticks come in a stop-list. You want to charm your man, then use natural shades of lipsticks. Well, if your task is rather to push the man, then bright and vivid shades of lipstick strange shades of your option!

5 відтінків помад, які відлякують чоловіків

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