4 reasons why summer the car eats more fuel

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4 причини, чому влітку машина їсть більше палива

Fuel consumption in summer

It is considered that the increased fuel consumption accounts for the cold season. And many car owners are perplexed when faced with a similar problem in the summer. In fact, this situation has a number of objective reasons, informs Rus.Media.

It is especially important to soberly assess how much your car consumes gasoline, in preparation for the long road, as it is necessary to plan the route and select a place to refuel.

The driving style. In the summer season, a great temptation to press on the gas and accelerate at a smooth, especially a country road, not afraid to fall, despite the weather conditions, the skid. The change in speed limit (100-110 km/h instead of “cruising speed” in the 75-90 km/h), frequent field trips on major highways – all this increases fuel consumption by 10-15%.

The use of air conditioning. In the heat use a cooling system – a real salvation, because in the very hot sun the car can be bad. Depending on engine model, air conditioning selects at 1-10% power. Trying to compensate for the loss of traction, you have more pressure on the gas pedal, respectively, the fuel consumption increases.

Open Windows. If the air conditioner in the car, or you don’t want to use it, you have to open the Windows and sunroof. This affects the aerodynamic resistance and depends on his consumption of gasoline.

Clean the air filter. Another reason why the machine “eats” more than – clean the air filter. Dust, dirt, gnats clog the system that the motor is not getting enough air, pull the wheels this decreases, respectively, to put pressure on the gas is stronger, increasing the flow rate of the liquid fuel.

Recommend that you follow our simple recommendations that will help to reduce costs and to save on gasoline.

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