3 phrases that will instantly calm evil or nervous person

If the world was inhabited only by those people who are always in their right mind, our lives would be so much simpler!

3 фрази, які миттєво заспокоять злу або нервову людину

But in practice we more often have to deal with those who are very emotionally react to any situation or constantly “spoiling for a fight” to prove their case. And that a sin to conceal, sometimes even naouri of us go on about their emotions, informs Rus.Media.

So as to fully protect itself from contact with aggressive and irritable with people we can’t, we can only seek effective ways to make this communication less painful and more constructive.

Psychologists recommend when meeting with emotionally unstable people use three “magic” phrases that can instantly calm anyone.

“Please speak more slowly. I would like to help you”

Of course, it’s not that the people in pointed feelings talking too fast. The problem is that they usually scream or cry uncontrollably. However, this phrase has a truly magical effect.

Why does it work? The phrase breaks down the patterns in my head. You expect from a confrontation, and you show that it is not. You ask for clarification. You are interested in. This causes emotional people confused. And it calms them down.

“What would you like me to do?”

This question works on the same principle as phrase number one. It makes a person emotional switch the brain from the subconscious, which recognizes only a flight or a fight to the departments who are able to think rationally.

Any clarifying questions on the topic of conversation

This trick is good to use if you are dealing with mentally unstable people. It is absolutely irrelevant how good your opponent is.

If you hope to return to the conversation in a sensible direction, it is not necessary to prove the person that he was crazy or details to convey their point of view. Such actions help you even more angry person.

Why is this happening? The explanation is almost always a disguised form of resistance. The other person would subconsciously feel, in consequence of which will be even more aggressive and emotional.

Therefore, if your opponent is clearly delusional, foaming at the mouth to prove that the earth is square, you better ask him the size of this square. Do not rush to turn the finger to his temple. Asking follow-up questions, you will likely be able to steer the conversation to more solid ground.

Any one of these three phrases can help you configure the correct communication with the interlocutor, and this is half the battle! Often use these phrases, and you’ll notice that aggressive and angry people in your environment has become considerably less!

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