Zlata ognevich fun with friends in a spicy video

She released incredibly hot teaser for new clip

Злата Огневич развлеклась с подругами в пикантном видео

Ukrainian star Zlata ognevich, has prepared for the admirers a surprise.

Soon will be released her new video for the song “Delon”. On his YouTube channel Zlata has published a racy teaser for a video that has intrigued fans.

Злата Огневич развлеклась с подругами в пикантном видео

Judging by the teaser video was really summer. In the clip Zlata appears in bikini and having fun with friends on the beach.

When the premiere of the video, Ognevich keeps in secret.

We will remind, L. Zlata Ognevich – Ukrainian pop artist, participant of the contest “Eurovision-2013”.

Future singer was born on 12 January 1986 in the city of Murmansk. At birth the girl was named Inna Leonidovna Bordyug. Father Leonid G. Bordyug was engaged in military surgery, the mother Galina Bordyug taught Russian language and literature. Five years the family lived on the shore of the Barents sea, after which the father moved to Leningrad.

Злата Огневич развлеклась с подругами в пикантном видео

In 2010, she is performing at the International music festival “Slavic Bazaar”, in 2011, wins the contest of Crimea Music Fest. In 2013 became the winner of third place in the contest “Eurovision”.

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu” Ukrainian singer Zlata ognevich, who recently appeared on the show “Golos Krainy”, was the victim of haters. Wednesday, February 14, Ukrainian released their new video, called “Do me”. However, in just the first hour after publishing on the official YouTube channel of the singer’s video has received nearly four thousand dislikes allowed.

Thus, it was viewed much less in real time .

First noticed the “attack” on new video of Zlata ognevich producer Vadim Lisitsa. He wrote a relevant post on his page in the social network.

“I have a question for the experts on YouTube! How it is possible that the number of dislikes allowed for such a cute video? Also I have a question for my fellow hypothetically, if this order, who is so to fill with dislike? Write in the comments your wildest assumption, unless of course it’s not scary,” he wrote.

Unable to keep silent and the singer. Zlata wrote on his page a statement in which he thanked everyone who stood up for her.

“I’m grateful to everyone who has supported me! People, friends, showbiz, today I was again led to believe that the respect exists, that there is a simple kind of humanity and solidarity! I am proud of modern Ukrainian showbiz, because many people don’t realize how much is behind the “pretty picture” and “easy stylish music”, I wish us all only development and success, especially in such turbulent times! It is likely that in such turbulent times, all the money spent haters to insult me, they could spend on something really nice, helpful… And probably after such events I should see a shell… But the shell prevents love, to be happy and to believe… So I don’t want to appear”, – commented on the incident of gold.

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