Whose Crimea: trump shocked the world with answer

The American leader gave reason to reflect on what really is a Peninsula

Чей Крым: Трамп шокировал мир ответом

In Brussels in the framework of the summit of member countries of the NATO, held a press-conference of leaders of countries. During his speech, the President of the United States Donald trump avoided a direct answer to the question about the possibility or impossibility of recognition of the annexation of Crimea, but was blamed for the annexation to its predecessor Barack Obama.

When trump asked how to continue to be with the Peninsula, and that he even thinks about it, he said: Obama allegedly could have prevented, but did nothing.

Чей Крым: Трамп шокировал мир ответом

“It’s an interesting question. After all, long before I came (to the presidency), Obama let this happen… He could have stopped it, but did everything to make it happen. Such was his determination. What will happen to Crimea now, I can’t tell you. I don’t know, ” – said the leader of the United States.

The NATO summit in 2018: first results

Чей Крым: Трамп шокировал мир ответом

Prior to the meeting, 29 members and partners of the Alliance the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Jens Stoltenberg said that Ukraine should not wait for joining the Program strengthened the capabilities of NATO. However, the country could continue to count on the support of the Alliance.

Чей Крым: Трамп шокировал мир ответом

The meet has traditionally been the issue of combating terrorism. In particular, adopted a decision on nebasova mission in Iraq. It provides a new training mission involving hundreds of NATO trainers. This organized military school for the armed forces. Canada has already announced about the readiness of the allocation of 250 soldiers and military equipment for these purposes. Will increase its presence in Canada and in Europe.

Чей Крым: Трамп шокировал мир ответом

Protection issues partially touched Donald trump. The American President has traditionally been the leader in the number of harsh statements. During the first day, he criticized the decision by Germany and several European countries regarding the construction of Nord stream-2 and call the country the Russian hostage.

Чей Крым: Трамп шокировал мир ответом

Angela Merkel did not reply to the statement of the American President. In her manner, the Chancellor of Germany didn’t do it right. She said that the country is the second largest supplier of troops, which, among other things, help protect US interests in Afghanistan.

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As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, there are details of a future meeting Poroshenko with trump.

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