What dangers to prepare Signs of the Zodiac this Friday the 13th?

Friday the 13th is a dangerous day on which there are many negative signs.

До яких небезпек готуватися Знаків Зодіаку в цю п&#039ятницю 13-го?

For any Signs of threat that day?

Friday the 13th is a dangerous day on which there are many negative signs. In the astrological sense, this day will also be very dangerous, because the 13 July will be a solar Eclipse, informs Rus.Media.

If the next Friday the 13th will be for you a day, don’t miss the opportunity to use the conspiracy for good luck before an important event. They will help you minimize the chance of disappointment in love, quarrels in the family or the disruption of essential operations.

The danger of the new Moon on Friday the 13th

This day is new moon in the Sign of Cancer. A new Month in this position prevents creative expression. This means that on July 13 the greatest number of problems associated with creativity, waiting for Fish, Maidens, Scorpions, Libra and Aquarius. Representatives of these Characters often rely on your wits, lateral thinking and intuition. If this list is your Sign, try not to trust the sixth sense 13 July. Seek help from reliable people and your own wisdom.

A new Month means time for vacation, so this threat Friday it is better not to push once again. Try putting all the important things for another time, so as not to endanger themselves and their future. This applies to love and business.

For any Signs of threat this day

Friday the 13th is the most dangerous for representatives of the Fire Signs of the Zodiac. In accordance with those of this day in terms of a will and several centuries of observation, quick-tempered natures like lions, archers and Rams, it is better to remain in the shadows. This is to allow yourself to relax. If you do not have the opportunity and circumstances have thrust you into the soup, then use the powerful conspiracy of mishaps and problems.

Not can get lucky, and the Signs, which are prone to superstition — Libra, Scorpio, Gemini and Capricorn. These people better not cheat yourself and do not take in the negative, because, as you know, thoughts can attract the corresponding events.

Solar Eclipse July 13

To worsen the situation of the solar Eclipse, which by an amazing coincidence, also happens in Cancer. On a day like this will suffer your personality, you may receive the desire to be alone. The most acute problems of the solar Eclipse will affect Cancers, Gemini, Aries, Aquarius, Sagittarius and Lviv. Representatives of these constellations are experiencing the worst days, when you can’t surround yourself with nice people.

This Eclipse will not be the most negative of all possible, because the Month will be just on the edge of the solar disk. Each of us will be able to overcome local problems of the day. Insecurities can create problems for representatives of the element of Earth. For the Air Signs of the particular danger will be to present a lie and a sham. Fire Sign astrologers suggest to ignore the desire to do things for himself, and the Signs of the element of Water experts recommend to get rid of stereotypical thinking.

Each Zodiac Sign has its own comfort zone. You better stay inside it on July 13, since this Friday will be extremely dangerous and unpredictable by the day.

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