Urgently on holiday: 10 threat of the hellish symptoms of fatigue

Doctors called 10 symptoms that indicate that the body is exhausted and tired

Срочно на отдых: 10 опасных симптомов адской усталости

As you know, stress can cause serious health problems. But, notice that the fatigue has already accumulated to a critical level, and it is time to act seriously.

Experts have called 10 symptoms that indicate that the body is not just suggests, but screaming for rest and calmness.

So, let’s see what are these symptoms:

1.Frequent colds

Срочно на отдых: 10 опасных симптомов адской усталости

During short-term stress in our body produces the hormone cortisol, which inhibits inflammation. But if a person is in chronic stress, the immune system becomes less sensitive to cortisol, and this increases the inflammatory response and the body becomes vulnerable to disease.

2.Skin diseases

Psoriasis, acne, allergic rashes and other skin diseases can appear because of stress. Scientists conducted a study on a group of students, which confirmed a direct correlation between high levels of psychological stress and skin problems. The same result was given by experiments on mice. Animals that created the conditions of psychological discomfort were more susceptible to skin infections.


Срочно на отдых: 10 опасных симптомов адской усталости

From headaches can be dozens of reasons: low back pain, improper position during sleep, low or high blood pressure, sinusitis, pregnancy and many others. One of the reasons — emotional stress that you experience at work or at home.

After taking the pills the headache may subside, but if not eliminate the stress, it will come back again and again.

4. Unstable weight

Perhaps you have faced a situation when to stabilize weight not been no diet or exercise. Blame it on the stress!

Because strong emotions can dramatically gain extra pounds. Frequent tension produced by the stress hormone cortisol. It stimulates the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates and keeps the level of sugar in the blood. If hormone will be a lot of people start eating more, the body will produce less testosterone and the body will begin to burn fewer calories.

Sometimes due to stress and emotional experiences of people, on the contrary, much losing weight. It is affected by increased adrenaline in the blood, which speeds up the metabolism, but reduces the rate of metabolism of fatty acids. The scientists also blame the weight loss of the stress hormone CRH.

5.Gastrointestinal disorders

Срочно на отдых: 10 опасных симптомов адской усталости

There is scientific evidence that stress affects the gastrointestinal tract. Sometimes the pain and bloating medications do not help. Then you should go to a psychologist.

6.Hair loss

Scientists came to the conclusion that stress can provoke partial or full baldness, alopecia. And if you’ve been watching that your hair started to thin out, and the vitamins and toning shampoos there is no effect, it’s time to sound the alarm.

7.Attention span

Срочно на отдых: 10 опасных симптомов адской усталости

The man who for a long time exposed to stress, it is difficult to focus on clear objectives. If you notice that you have become quite absent-minded and forgetful perhaps we should slow down and relax a bit.

8.Decrease in sexual desire

A person who emotionally drained, reduced sexual desire. So if you have a long time no intimacy with a partner, do not worry and quarrel. It will not improve the situation, but only worse. Better to relax together away from work and problems.

9.Cardiovascular disease

Scientists have proven that chronic stress is an important risk factor of cardiovascular diseases. But circumstances such as heavy workload or, conversely, unemployment, a quarrel, only to aggravate the situation.

10.Sleep problems

Срочно на отдых: 10 опасных симптомов адской усталости

A stressful situation can cause serious problems with sleep. And then there is insomnia. This creates a vicious circle: not enough sleep, you feel tired and irritable, and in the evening again can’t sleep it is important to find the cause that prevents you to sleep, and quickly eliminate it from your life.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” in cases of fatigue, stress, irritability reconsider your habits. Doctors have named the main causes of chronic apathy.

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