Under the truck struck the bridge in Dnipropetrovsk region

Bridge since April was considered accidental, but the driver did not notice any warning or prohibiting signs.

Під вантажівкою обвалився міст у Дніпропетровській області

In the Dnepropetrovsk region near the village of Novaya Rus bridge collapsed under a truck loaded with grain. This is the website of Pavlograd, informs Rus.Media.

The incident occurred on the evening of July 10. It is noted that the bridge was a dangerous condition. The driver was not injured.

“According to him, before the bridge, there was no warning or prohibiting signs, why he didn’t go to detour down the street Well“, – stated in the message.

Local residents said that members of an Oblavtodor, who arrived at the scene of the accident, said the driver of that bridge since April is considered an emergency. But after learning that the driver to them has no claims, went.

Під вантажівкою обвалився міст у Дніпропетровській області

The truck and trailer require substantial repair. Also lost almost a ton of grain.

Earlier in the Nikolaev area overloaded trucks drowned the bridge through the river Ingul. According to officials, the drivers drove through this bridge, hiding from the weight control.

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