Three UFOs helped the French to celebrate reaching the final of the 2018 world Cup: video

Three shocking UFO appeared in France and was on video

Сразу три НЛО помогли французам праздновать выход в финал ЧМ 2018: видео

In the French historical city of Lyon three unknown flying object suddenly appeared in the sky and surprised witnesses who managed to fix the space in the video. Local residents have expressed fears for their lives.

The appearance of both the three alien objects caused panic among residents of Lyon. According to eyewitnesses, three mystical, flying saucers appeared in the sky on 9 July 2018. UFO had the appearance of large round balls, which gave off a strong glow. It is reported that all three UFOs were in the sky motionless and in a clear line.

At the moment the French ufologists can’t explain what happened. The last time a UFO in France saw in June of the current year, then the witnesses he recalled the ship from the movie “Alien”.

We will remind, recently three UFO managed to capture one of the most mysterious regions of the Earth. In the video, which recently appeared on the network, you notice three strange “saucers”. According to the expert, in the Mojave desert, Nevada, landed alien vessel.

It is noteworthy that there is a secret military base known as “Area 51”, where, according to rumors, the stored hit by an American military spacecraft created by aliens.

Сразу три НЛО помогли французам праздновать выход в финал ЧМ 2018: видео

According to the ufologist, aliens, long interested American base, decided to learn more about it, and landed. But the plane, where shooting was conducted, it was impossible to tell how far from earth they were.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the intrusion of the “bright” aliens captured on video. In the United States, unidentified flying object startled people very bright light. White and blue lights that hovered in the sky unknown way, constituted one common circuit. A strange figure has changed its form. It is known that the diameter of the UFO – a few meters.

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