These characteristics give your unkempt hair

It is for hair, you can understand how much effort and money a woman puts into her appearance.

Ці ознаки видають ваші недоглянуті волосся

No jewelry for women more luxurious than the hair.

The use of home hair dyes

There is a strange myth that black or dark paint is not harmful to hair so you can dye your hair a dark color without damage. But not all professional paints are harmless, but about everyday and say nothing. Frequent change of hair color depletes and weakens the fabric of your hair, making it brittle and dull, informs Rus.Media.

Especially cheap accentuate the bright hair color that is too different from natural (e.g., eggplant with yellow highlights). The most expensive is considered the native hair color, a bit faded in the sun.

Fluffy hair

Fluffy hair is such a small number of women (the lottery win more people). Syoss syoss from many factors: lack of balm for washing, drying with a hair dryer when the flow is directed from the bottom up, the static in your hair and the like.

To smooth the hair with intensive care, aimed at smoothing the hair and using styling products. Heat styling with healthy hair need to completely remove the fuzz, if it does not, the hair is very badly damaged and in need of treatment.

Uneven, ragged cut hair

Hair cut have to say that the length is determined by tool master. If the hair ends are ragged and broken, it screams of lack of care. Length in this case, it looks like Coco and casually, and therefore urgently requires a meeting with the hairdresser.

Unhealthy length of icicles can decorate, but good hair makes!

Lack luster

Shine is a comprehensive indicator of the health of hair. Porous and dry hair practically gleaming. But, fortunately, the cosmetics market for hair products full, can give the hair Shine, even have a special spray just for Shine.

It is for the Shine, we unconsciously define well-groomed hair, even if hair disheveled.

The density of hair

Density is the most elusive result. But if you increase the number of hair data by nature is almost impossible, then at least to protect against excessive loss in our power. The main hair loss is to find out the cause and planned to fight it. Unfortunately, there is no one universal way of dealing with hair loss.


The most striking example, as hair without the styling look a washcloth. Yes, there are lucky women who gets out of bed with slight negligence, and in many a haystack on his head, and then goes in a matter of hours waving instruments and hair combs. Even the most intensive care will not reveal its beauty, if you will be careless styling.

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