The teenager wanted to cool off in the sea, however, the unknown monster had a plan: video 18+

The doctors could not figure out who has bitten the limbs of a teenager

Подросток захотел охладиться в море, однако неизвестные чудовища имели свой план: видео 18+

Teen with small Australian town immediately hospitalized with heavy bleeding after he took a walk by the ocean.

This is reported by the media.

Sam decided to rest after playing with friends in football. 16-year-old went to a small depth in order to relax my feet after a soccer game. Stay in the water he felt a strange tingling, but did not render it any attention, but in vain.

“I went on shore and saw my legs covered as I thought, sand. I shook off and went to get dressed, but after about 20 meters I saw that I have blood on my feet,” – said Sam Ceniza.

It is noted that the guy with terrible bleeding came home, than scared of their parents. They immediately tried to give him first aid, but fortunately realized that I needed to go immediately to the hospital.

“It was a lot of blood, she kept going long enough, and now a little oozing. She didn’t stop when we were away, so we decided to go to the hospital,” – said the injured man.

Подросток захотел охладиться в море, однако неизвестные чудовища имели свой план: видео 18+

The doctors, who were doing the kid assistance immediately noticed that the feet of the boy was bitten, but was unable to say what had bitten the boy. After that, the boy’s father went to the beach to see that could bite the legs of his son.

On the coast he immediately found the tiny creatures which were swimming near the shore. The video that guy took, you can see how marine life willingly eat a piece of meat. To understand what it’s for predators, the parents of Sam turned to the experts.

“Photos and videos that we saw, they look like animals, which we call the amphipods are a type of crustaceans. Them in the world ten thousand kinds. Many of them are hiding in the sand, and come out at night”, – said marine biologist Ian Horsfall.

Live amphipods in the Ukrainian seas. Among the most well-known types of so – called “sea fleas”, which can be seen on the Black sea coast. Scientists suggest that Sam was just unlucky to be in the way of a large flock of amphipods. Obviously, while the young man was standing in the water, the animals took his foot for prey. Biologists call for tourists not to panic and explain that usually these creatures they do not attack people.

Unknown sea creature turned legs Australian teenager in a bloody mess

We will remind, earlier the portal “Znayu” reported that the sea monster nearly swallowed the child.

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