The ruthless element is recessed 200 people in just a day

The number of victims continues to grow with each passing hour

Беспощадная стихия утопила 200 человек всего за сутки

The number of people killed in the floods that paralysed Japan increased to 199 people.

On Thursday, July 12, representatives of the media, said chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga.

He added that, unfortunately, is not the final figure as rescuers search for injured residents in dozens of neighborhoods.

Беспощадная стихия утопила 200 человек всего за сутки

The official also said that the head of the Japanese government Shinzo Abe, who on Wednesday, July 11, came to one of the most devastated areas of the country, on Thursday had already moved on to the next.

Беспощадная стихия утопила 200 человек всего за сутки

We will remind, earlier the information portal “Znayu” wrote that in Canada, a heat wave, which claimed the lives of more than half a dozen people. Only in Montreal, killed 12 people, reports CTV News.

Officials from the Ministry of health of Canada announced that because of the suffocating humidity and heat that originated in Eastern and Central Canada, killing at least 17 people.

The government encourages citizens without superfluous need not to leave the premises, drink more water and to be careful. If there is feeling unwell immediately call a doctor.

“Stayed two more days of particularly hot weather with particularly high humidity levels. We are urging people to be vigilant during these days”, – stated in the message.

Residents and guests of the capital Kiev warned on the prohibition of swimming in the beaches located within the city.

“All 12 of the Kyiv municipal beaches that were prepared for the summer season, swimming is temporarily not recommended. Caution due to heavy rains and remains valid for 48 hours after rainfall,” reported in KP “Pleso”.

Беспощадная стихия утопила 200 человек всего за сутки

“To protect the health of citizens and prevent the spread of infectious diseases we recommend to refrain from swimming until a stable improvement of weather conditions”, – stated in the message.

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