The resort Kyrylivka illegal pipeline dumped sewage

With an excavator of the land was extracted 30 metres of the pipeline. Samples were taken of soil and fluids for examination.

На курорті Кирилівка незаконний трубопровід скидав нечистоти

The police found on the territory of a private household in the village of Stepok, which is part of the village Kyrylivka Achinskogo district of Zaporozhye region, illegal fixed pipeline, which in utluk estuary flowed the filth of a dark colored liquid, informs Rus.Media.

About it reports regional management of Nacpac Thursday, July 12.

The area was examined by police, representatives of the regional Department of protection of the economy and environmentalists. With an excavator of the land was extracted 30 metres of the pipeline. Also in this area were taken soil samples and fluids for examination.

On this fact opened criminal proceedings under article about infringement of rules of protection of waters (part 1 of article 242 of the criminal code of Ukraine). The pretrial investigation is begun.

Utlyukskim estuary, separated from the sea of Azov oblique Fedotov and connected with him through the Strait between the island and Bruchim oblique Arabat spit. The length of the estuary is 60 km, width – up to 15 km, a total area of about 700 sq km, depth is about 6.5 m. the utlyukskogo estuary Mud has healing properties and are used for the recovery of the local mud-bath resort.

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