The rating of the most luxurious mistresses Zodiac sign

Someone from Zodiac signs best in bed?

Рейтинг самых роскошных любовниц по знаку Зодиака

Women — one of the most important sources of emotional experiences of men who can excite and change the world with just one look. But astrology have noticed that different signs of the Zodiac behave in bed absolutely different. Oh, what a mistress, read in the material of the Clutch.

12th place-Fish

Although Fish are able to completely surrender to sensual pleasure, for this they need complete comfort. As a partner they are attracted athletically stacked man. But they will not go to bed with the first comer. So the Fish decided to spend a night of love with a man, you will need to not just attracted to her looks and some character traits, but also that she felt with him happy and even in love.

Рейтинг самых роскошных любовниц по знаку Зодиака

11th place — Virgo

Virgin are famous for the brutal sexual appetite, but they are difficult to surprise, if the man won a tender Lover. They are capricious, and will squeeze everything out of you juices, only if are you in the teeth.

10th place — Capricorn

At first it may seem that the representatives of the Zodiac sign Capricorn is indifferent to carnal pleasures. But this is precisely the case when the first impression is deceptive, but actually kozerozhka able to dip you into the world of sensual pleasures.

However, Capricorn is focused solely on their own desires. To reach sensitive Beck and call of her soul, you need to have extraordinary patience — a man has to do his best.

9 th — Cancer

Making love to a girl with Cancer takes a hurricane of emotion. A girl is usually long to achieve. If a man fears to lose freedom, then it is likely for a long time with a girl won’t stay because did not know whether she was a good lover or not. Men who will be able to overcome all obstacles, the woman with Cancer will give the highest degree of pleasure.

Рейтинг самых роскошных любовниц по знаку Зодиака

8th place — Taurus

Taurus woman can not stand this game of cat and mouse, it’s hideously boring. After location, these women love to talk, and coldness from partner, they would never forgive.

Women — Taurus craves worship and waiting for their loved ones evidence of their senses. Taurus in sex is extremely sensual, but tend to lazily accept someone else’s affection, and not to waste their own.

7th place- Leo

Lions in bed, very passionate, they know how to give pleasure, but they do it is often only with those who deserve it on all counts.

6th place — Aquarius

Aquarians are very sensitive to intimacy. They are dreamy and windy, so it will be with that man who will be able to guess their short-term desires.

5th place — Aries

Men who have settled for intimacy with Aries, should be ready to emotional swings, but those girls are terribly impulsive. Usually the Rams are so fast that their partner does not have time to understand anything.

Рейтинг самых роскошных любовниц по знаку Зодиака

4th place- Gemini

Before you let yourself to someone, the Twins fervently study a potential object of attraction. During sex, she relaxed, and the amazing subtlety of intuition allows partners to be surprised by the delicious options.

3rd place — Archer

Girls-Archers are very good lovers, they just love sex. Even if a girl is not feeling well, she just can’t say no to a soak in the sexual embrace of a man who is able to bring it to the peak of pleasure. The fact is that carnal love is its main driving force and source of vitality.

2nd place- Scorpio

A woman of this zodiac sign attracts you, like a witch – it combines the external coldness and boiling passions in the soul, a fiery look and fine speech, elegant manners and militancy. The main feature ladies-Scorpion — all new she is a fast learner! She is the best mistress, however, if a man is ready to experiment. One gets the impression that she had tried everything..

1st place- Libra

On the first place of honor — Scales. The scale has all the qualities that should be possessed by the perfect lover. The girl Libra is very sensitive to their partner, even if she met him not so long ago. If a man was lucky enough to meet a girl in any case can not let her go.

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