The Parliament adopted amendments to the law on the anti-corruption court

Happy obliged to transfer all the accused WACHS of the case before this court since the beginning of his work.

У Раді прийняли поправки до закону про Антикорупційний суд

The Verkhovna Rada adopted in General the bill No. 7441 on amendments to the law on judicial system and status of judges of the adjusted relative transmission in the Higher anti-corruption court (VKS) of all defendants brought before him cases since the beginning of his work, informs Rus.Media.

For the law with that amendment, voted 254 deputies at the plenary session on Thursday.

The criminal proceedings against the accused WACHS of offences judicial review which the courts of first and appeal instances, has not been completed before the start of the anti-corruption court are transferred to the WAX.

This edit, the Parliament amended the transitional provisions of the Criminal procedure code (CPC). According to these changes, with the WAX of the investigating judge, the courts of first instance (except WAX and investigative judges) cease to accept for consideration petitions and indictments in criminal proceedings on remand WAX. From this day on motions in criminal trials, defendants WAX, which did the investigative judges and are not considered to be transferred to the anti-corruption court for consideration.

With the WAX, the courts of appeal, except appeals chamber of the anti-corruption court, cease to take note of the appeal by the defendants of the anti-corruption court criminal proceedings.

In addition, to avoid legal conflicts, article 3 of the code of criminal procedure, the deputies changed the wording of some provisions. In particular, cancelled the limitation that at present, the appeals chamber of the Supreme anti-corruption court may consider only those complaints for which it was the decision of the Higher anti-corruption court as first instance.

This bill was one of the necessary conditions for granting Ukraine the next tranche of the IMF loan.

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