The internationally known band heard in “Nino” winnik their tune

Song of the Austrians the first was a hit everywhere

Всемирно известная группа услышала в "Нино" Винника свою мелодию

Ukrainian singer who just basks in fame and popularity, Oleg winnick caught on plagiarism. Legendary Austrian band JOY presented this evidence.

It is reported by TSN.

English-language artists claim that the favorite of millions of “she-wolf” song winnik, Nino stripped from the long-forgotten but no less than once popular 30 years ago hit “Touch by Touch” (“touch for touch”). The singers say that the loss of winnik songs very similar to their tune.

Всемирно известная группа услышала в "Нино" Винника свою мелодию

“I like his version. But our first song was a hit everywhere,” say the Austrians. JOY was founded by three school friends, among whom were Andy Schweitzer. He is the author of the melody, which, in his opinion, very similar to the loss in the song winnik. Austrian wrote it back in 1984. Now musicians JOY to the music of Nino jokingly sing their own song. “We have in Austria the expression: better to steal reasonable than to write badly. Hello to him” – they are laughing.

So whether winnick borrowed their music, the band members seriously promise to look into the next two weeks. They say “Nino” listen to their music experts, and then decide whether to submit to winnik in court. The similarity in sound of two losses, hits notice and Ukrainian composers, but they say that winnik melody another, and with JOY, the singer took only the so-called “musical quotation”, which is not prohibited by law.

Oleg Vinnik Nino

“The first two notes. This element arrangement is called “groove”- the realm of all music. Many are taken in the sound, but I don’t see plagiarism. Today it is fashionable to go back to the old sound,” – said the composer Ruslan Kvinta.

According to lawyers, in the Ukrainian legislation there is no such definition as “author citation” or “vintage sound”. Therefore, any match, or losing, or words remain copyrighted and no one has zhuchy intellectual property to make money.

The producers also winnik on this account said that in Nino used the so-called vintage sound, to add to the atmosphere of the disco 80s.

Touch by Touch JOY

As previously reported portal “Know.ia”, singer Oleg Vinnik gave a severe tip in love .

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