The guy claimed to have caught under the rim of the toilet. And it discourage your desire to go to the toilet

He did not expect such finds in your own closet

Парень показал, что поймал под ободком унитаза. И это отобьет у вас желание идти в туалет

In Australia a resident of one of the cities sharing the horror story that happened to him recently.

This is reported by the media.

So, he found under the toilet rim unique thing. The footage video you can see how it pulls a poisonous snake.

The man said that constantly has to deal with snakes, however, this discovery completely changed his life.

Парень показал, что поймал под ободком унитаза. И это отобьет у вас желание идти в туалет

“I’m doing their professional duties for several years. But have never seen anything like it!”.

Moreover, he said that to rescue the snakes and his own toilet he had to risk your life pulling it out, because no other safe way is impossible to do.

“I had to risk my life, because just catching a snake was impossible. Had to pull it.”

Despite the risk, Fil has got this poisonous animal for 3 minutes and immediately put it in the bag.

It is worth noting that earlier in Warsaw launched a massive operation to find the missing giant. Giant tiger Python noticed on the banks of the local river. The population now scared to death.

On Saturday, July 7, animal advocates got the message about being six-foot snake coat on the banks of the Vistula. When they arrived at the place, nearby we found another piece of snake skin and a length of five meters and 30 centimeters and a diameter of 50 cm, excluding the head.

First, the animal rights activists suggested that the coat might have left on the shore a breeder of pythons joke. However, the vet said that the snake faded into place as the skin is fresh. This means that Python is hungry and can behave aggressively.

Парень показал, что поймал под ободком унитаза. И это отобьет у вас желание идти в туалет

Snake is wanted for several days, and during this time the animal drowned the car is not designed to work in extreme conditions. They urged local residents to refrain from walking along the banks of the Vistula, and not to spend the night there in tents, as the snake could swim to the other side of the river. The maximum risk is the Python for kids and Pets.

As you know, these giants live in the South and South-East Asia. They are great swim and crawl up trees, where the attack on the victim and strangled her powerful muscles. Usually their diet consists of birds, rodents and other small animals. However, not infrequently, their lunch can become a man.

Types of snakes that often happen in Ukraine

We will remind, earlier the portal “Znayu” reported that the pet has protect us from poisonous snakes.

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