The ground was a pink ball to the origin of life

Scientists have found how our planet looked to the origin of life

Земля была розовым шариком до зарождения жизни

Bright pink pigments, whose age is believed to be about 1.1 billion years, was extracted from rocks deep beneath the Sahara desert in Africa.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

According to them, it is the oldest pigment ever existed on Earth.

Земля была розовым шариком до зарождения жизни

“Bright pink pigment is a molecular fossil of chlorophyll that have been received by ancient photosynthetic organisms that live in the ocean. These microorganisms have long since disappeared from the face of the Earth,” said study leader Dr. Goneli, from the Australian Research centre of Earth Sciences.

According to her, this is the oldest color ever found in the geological record, it is more than half a billion years older than previously discovered pigments.

Земля была розовым шариком до зарождения жизни

She also stated that the tiny cyanobacteria, rich in chlorophyll, dominated in the oceans billions of years ago. Therefore, when viewed from space, our planet might seem not as blue as it is now, and bright pink.

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu” NASA has made a disappointing forecast for America and humanity in General. So experts warn that even an object the size of 40-60 m, which fell to the Ground, will cause large-scale destruction and death.

The experts made a map of the fall of meteorites, which showed what would happen if an asteroid hit new York. According to experts, the explosion is able to bulldoze a neighborhood of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, NY Rochdale, Jersey.

In danger would have been, and Staten island, Paterson, Newark, and white plains. The victims of the asteroids will be millions of people.

According to NASA 300 thousand objects larger than 40 m constitute a danger to the planet. Asteroids more than 140 meters can cause serious damage not only regional, but also the whole continents.

Such space objects strike the Earth with the energy of more than 60 megatons. You can imagine what that means, if no nuclear device in the world has such power.

Experts claim that these asteroids are not so much and they are easy to detect. More dangerous are objects the size of one kilometer or more, which can lead to a global catastrophe.

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