Steep 1918: Ukrainian trailer action-Packed story appeared online

In the video is the original music of legendary Italian composer

Круты 1918: трейлер украинской экшн-истории появился в сети

The network has published a new trailer of the acclaimed the Ukrainian historical action film “Cool 1918”, created with the support of the state of Ukraine.

In a press-service of the organization said that in the movie sound the original compositions of the world famous composite from Italy Marco Morini.

Круты 1918: трейлер украинской экшн-истории появился в сети

“Wonderful music, sounding in the second trailer, was the result of collaboration between Ukrainian film Studio Film Good Morning and Italian soundproducing Logical Box. Music is one of the most powerful tools that can convey human emotions. The film “Steep 1918″ is primarily a story about people, about their desire to live and to love. Their courage and invincibility of the spirit. And, most importantly, freedom. How, then, 100 years ago and today” – quoted in the press-center Andrei Kornienko – producer of the film.

Director Alexey Shaparev. A historical film dedicated to the hundredth anniversary of the battle of Kruty.

The basis of the plot was the real story of the fight that occurred at the railway station Cool in winter 1918: then, several hundred Ukrainian students struggled with thousands of the Russian red guard.

29 January 1918 – the day when the village of Steep, near the village Memorial (130 kilometers North-East from Kyiv) Bolshevik army Mikhail Muravyov from 4 thousand people faced the group consisting of Kiev students and soldiers free Cossacks, who defended the UPR. The battle lasted not for long: the Bolsheviks suffered a terrible loss, however, as the Ukrainians. Attack they could not stop, but to hold the enemy for several days men managed, reviewing the railway track.

Круты 1918: трейлер украинской экшн-истории появился в сети

“Against the background of momentous events in the country two brothers Andrew and Alex Sawicki fall in love with the beautiful Sophia. The Bolsheviks come to Kiev, the city is filled with “red” agents. The government of UNR throws to fight the enemy all combat-ready army, including cadets and students. Four hundred young men, among them Andrew and Alex, confront chetyrehkantnomu well-armed army”, – is spoken in the message of the state.

The film stars Eugene lamas, Hope Kovarsky, Andrew Fedynich, Alexei Tetenko, Alexander Piskunov, Dmitry Stupka, Ostap Stupka, Natalia Vasko, Roman yasinovskiy, Bogdan, Osipchuk.

The soundtrack will be performed by Ukrainian singer Christina the Nightingale. Lyric video will be presented in the fall.

Круты 1918: трейлер украинской экшн-истории появился в сети

Now the film is under installation and postproduction.

Watch a film in the cinema will be from 6 December 2018.

Watch the trailer of “Steep 1918”

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