Sheaf day Veles July 12: the main customs and beliefs of the Slavs

Summer days are getting shorter

День Снопа Велеса 12 июля: главные обычаи и поверья славян

Every year the 12th of July is celebrated folk Slavic feast day of the Sheaf of Veles. Velez — pagan deity, “cattle God”, the patron of poetry.

According to scientist G. Łowmiański, “Veles most likely was a demon, with nothing in common except a certain similarity in the name, with cattle God Volos”. At the same time the etymology of the name Veles is unknown.

From open sources it is known that this day falls on the Feast of victimology Perun. Maybe it is because of Veles by Perun and brothers, and in the battle with the SKIPER-Serpent met together, were friends.

День Снопа Велеса 12 июля: главные обычаи и поверья славян

Traditions and rituals on the day of the Sheaf of Veles

After the adoption of Christianity in Kievan Rus, the Slavs began to call this day, Peter’s retreat, as this period ended the fast of the apostles. People arranged a feast — a delicious covered tables for the poor, neighbors and relatives, beggars and Wanderers. In turn, the godparents gave to their godchildren lush wheat cakes.

It is worth noting that the summer days are getting shorter, and the heat becoming more and more. The dew dries in minutes after sunrise. However, while the dew is not yet dry, were allowed to mow. Because Walesboro day the mowers out on the field after dark and harvest. At the end of the first day of the last mowing the associated sheaf were put in the house, honoring Velez. The people believed that this sheaf was part of the very Spirit of Veles, the protector of all agricultural work.

День Снопа Велеса 12 июля: главные обычаи и поверья славян

Velez taught the Slavs to cultivate the land, to be able to do abundant of food in the winter and lead a sedentary life. Therefore, in his day the people trying to finish plowing and to start preparing for sowing winter crops. There is even a proverb: “Until the day Veles to plow, to perunova day vseborovice to Savior – to sow.”

In addition, our ancestors on this day also honored, and the Holy stone-the Stone that covered the entrance to NAV. No one but Velez does not have the ability to fork out it away from the entrance and skip the souls of the dead people in the NAV.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” July 12 Ukrainians celebrate the Christian feast Day of saints Peter and Paul. The occasion is the completion of Peter’s fast, which traditionally begins on Monday the week after Trinity.

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