She was fired from her job, and she conceived an evil plan and brought a cake with a “surprise” in honor of the release

Here’s what happened next.

Її звільнили з роботи, а вона вона задумала зловісний план і принесла тістечка з "сюрпризом" на честь звільнення

With colleagues that day said goodbye to another employee, but Garcia (or the intruder?) Promptly followed – the user did not appreciate the strange act of women and fired her after, informs Rus.Media.

It was in the city Salain, Michigan. 47-year-old employee of home-baked brownie and decided to treat their peers and colleagues at a party in honor of retiring from his post, writes USA Today.

And all anything, but in brownies it added a fair amount of laxative. Colleagues lucky woman blurted out one of them, and planned “holiday belly” said the leadership, which, in turn, promptly seized a dubious treat.

The woman was interrogated, but she denied everything. However, when the police threatened to carry out a chemical analysis of baking, she admitted that indeed added a laxative in the sweets. The recognition (and the fact that no one has time to try a brownie), it will not incur punishment. However, the employer ensured that the employee had been released as soon as possible.

Colleagues said that the careless cook and the person who said goodbye that day with the company was at loggerheads. Most likely, she wanted a trick to Express his dislike, but the police did not share the view that the experiment was safe.

As said the representative of law enforcement bodies, it’s one thing to see such “jokes” in the movie, quite another to put health and well-being of the people truly at risk. The company will not comment.

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