Scientists were able to remove the “birth” of an iceberg in Greenland

From Greenland broke off a six-kilometer-long iceberg.

Ученим вдалося зняти "народження" айсберга в Гренландії

Scientists took video of the formation of a six kilometre-long iceberg that broke away from Greenland glacier HELHEIM, informs Rus.Media.

The birth of an iceberg was recorded on video by a team of researchers in the Eastern part of Greenland.

“Global sea level rise is undeniable and consistent. And here we can see his amazing significance,” notes the study’s lead author David Holland, Professor, Institute of mathematics new York.

The team watched the edge of the HELHEIM glacier, one of Greenland’s largest glaciers along the Eastern edge of the Greenland ice sheet.

Scientists have closely followed the frozen river as a key indicator of global warming and sea level rise.

Holland and his team managed to make dramatic shots of the process through which occurs the retreat of the glacier into the ocean.

The video shows a 6.4-km-long iceberg that breaks off from the glacier and goes into the sea.

“Knowing how icebergs appear, is important for modeling because the icebergs ultimately determine global sea-level rise. The better we understand what is happening, the more accurate the simulation we can create to anticipate and plan for climate change,” said David Holland.

The event lasted more than 30 minutes, but the movie was compressed to about 90 seconds. It shows the front edge of the glacier, and then the prospect goes down the fjord. The survey recorded the diversity of forms encountered icebergs.

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