Scared ATM and not travel: as you travel the Ukrainians

Most of our citizens travelled to Turkey, Russia, Egypt, Poland and Bulgaria.

Бояться банкоматів і далеко не їздять: як подорожують українці

The average Ukrainian is implementing a 1.2 overseas trips a year. This is less than half the world average. Thus the ordinary duration of the trip is 8 days – as the citizens of other countries. To such conclusion analysts of the international payment system Visa examining travel preferences of residents in 27 States, informs Rus.Media.

It is noteworthy that, contrary to global trends, the Ukrainians do not tend to go away from the house. If the average citizen of the world often travels to Japan and Australia, our people prefer relatively close to Egypt, Turkey and Bulgaria, as well as neighboring Russia and Poland. That is obviously due to the income level of our citizens.

This is confirmed by analysts Visa: Ukrainians spend on each trip (average duration of which corresponds to the world standards in 8 days), only $979. Then as a global tourist with no problems parting with more than double the amount ($1 793).

The purchase and booking tickets online is carried out only 56% of Ukrainians. But Bank cards they use abroad are afraid of less – 25% of our travelers are safely calculated with plastic abroad, which corresponds to global trends. What the Ukrainians do not want to do is to withdraw cash from overseas ATMs. Only 5% of our travelers decided last year to take this step.

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