Quiet hunting: where in Ukraine are the richest mushroom places

Experienced mushroom pickers say that anyone who has ever returned from the forest with trophies – wild mushrooms, chanterelles, Russula or mushrooms – again, drawn there like a magnet.

Тихе полювання: де в Україні знаходяться найбагатші грибні місця

With that, the last time picking mushrooms to capture pensioners has become a hobby of young Ukrainians, who joined the environmental movement in Europe or joined the now popular green tourism. Where you need to go to a quiet hunt was a success?

Hats off

In the forests of Ukraine grows about 200 species of edible mushrooms. But demand for mushroom is only 10% of them – about 20 species. And not all mushrooms of this ranking take even the most experienced fans of this forest delicacy – I may be wrong, and mushroom, as a sapper, wrong only once, informs Rus.Media.

“This is a very delicious delicacy, but insidious, says the ecologist, head of the tourist club “Ridge” Peter Tests. In order not to get poisoned, you need to take only those, the edibility of which I am sure 100%. It is important to remember that are poisonous not only mushrooms and toadstools, and mushrooms-doubles or false mushrooms, which are very similar to white mushrooms, chanterelles, boletus and so forth. And note further that the forest mushrooms as a sponge absorb all the muck from the environment, so they need to be collected only in ecologically clean forests, and even there to start collecting away from roads and big cities. Annually in Ukraine in varying degrees, suffer from poisoning from 400 to 1 thousand people, and on average 20-25 people for lunch with mushrooms leads to death”.

And how to pick mushrooms? It is believed that the correct option is to cut them with a knife. But I think that’s a myth, since the rest of the legs then can rot, causing waste all the mycelium. And suggest mushrooms to Unscrew by hand like a screw. And look their best with thin flexible branches up to 1 m with a forked end. Those mushrooms that you do not tear or ripped but rejected and thrown away – no need restartovati legs – this will bring inconvenience to the inhabitants of the forest.

It should also be remembered that should not be taken too old mushrooms – they taste good. It is better not to pluck and very little mushrooms – they are all “childhood” similar to each other, and a great chance to seriously make a mistake and disrupt the muhomorchikom. Not the best option for trophy and moldy mushrooms – quite a dangerous thing, so is it worth to take them and risk the health of their loved ones? Absolutely can not taste it disrupted the fungus is very dangerous, even if it’s edible. Remember that edible mushrooms smell bad, so the expression “the scent of mushrooms” can be taken literally. And besides, any wild mushrooms is better not to give child up to six years, not need to eat food from fungi and adults with acute inflammatory processes, ulcer, pancreatitis, liver problems.

In a dry summer mushrooms grow closer to the trunks of trees, and when summer rainy – away from them. White mushrooms grow families, often their “neighbors” are the mushrooms and anthills.

Where to go?

Around the capital

Village of lower Dubechnia – the distance of 39 km to go by bus from the metro station “Heroes of Dnepr”. In the village of Nikolaevka (42 km) there are buses from the metro station “Svyatoshyn.” In villages. Klavdiyevo (49 km) can be reached from the metro station “Svyatoshin” and “Akademgorodok”. Many of the mushroom were being transport to Kiev bus station “Polesie”, located on the square of Taras Shevchenko. Many pickers go into the woods in the direction Yasnogorodka (31 km) and Lyutezh (55 km).

Coming from Kiev – forest in the direction of Obukhov. There are many mushroom field and go to them for Novoobuhovskoy highway. The bus in the direction of Obukhov depart from bus station “Vydubychi”.

In Vyshgorod direction in Borodyanka district along the river Zdvyzh, in the villages, the village Katyuzhanka, Mircea and Dimer, you can find chanterelles. In Boryspil direction of a good quiet hunting can get in the forests near the villages of Old, Boryspil Villas, Hotski. If you’re lucky, you might get a little butter, brown cap boletus, orange-cap boletus, saffron milk caps and ceps.


In the beech and coniferous forests of Transcarpathia you can find a lot of mushrooms, chanterelles. Noble special places – the area near the lake Synevyr and the village of Lumshory. Good production can be in the vicinity of the villages of dragovo, Tower and Kolochava. And near Svalyava avid mushroom pickers go to the village Rudnyovka Huta and Solochyn. Near Mukachevo – Mikulintsy, Likovc, Happy and Covered.

In Lviv the most mushrooms in the forests near villages club, resort, Slavske, Lihobor (close to the mountain Pikuy). There are a lot of aspen, boletus, nameko and porcini mushrooms.

One of the most interesting places to look for mushrooms – forest in the city of Skole, which is located near the national natural Park “skolivski Beskydy”.

One goal, different direction

In the Kharkiv region gathering mushrooms in the forests near the village of Mokhnach, Andreevka, Byshkyn, shelud’kivka, vasyshcheve. A lot of people travelling to the area Losowych and Korobovy farms – with mushrooms and white mushrooms.

There is a popular natural mushroom locations in Dnipropetrovsk and Poltava regions, for example, in the villages, the village guards and Orlik.

In the Odessa region in search of mushrooms can be enjoyed in Delnicky forest, near the village altestovo, Odesa. There are many Ryzhikov and mushrooms, but no less and toadstools, so you have to look at both.

In the Zhitomir forests of mushrooms found in the area of the villages Slobidka, High Oven, Perliavka, Oliivka, Bilokorovychi. To mushroom beds rank as Radomyshl, Korostyshiv, Malin.

In the direction of Chernihiv often go sharp, to the forest that surrounds the tank firing range of the military unit near the villages of Krekhaiv and Yevmynka. Here there are Polish mushrooms, boletus, boletus, Russula, caslake and colorful.

Quiet hunting can be succeeded to fame in forestry, Uman district, Chernihiv region, between the villages of Bird and Palanca. There are mushrooms, mushrooms, chanterelles, porcini. Another rich in mushrooms the place is located near the village of Gorodets.

Tips for those who are going into the forest

• Clothes and shoes should be comfortable and cover her whole body – it helps to escape from tick bites, from forest coolness and scratching from branches.

• Don’t forget to take mosquito repellent, otherwise, they can drink your blood.

• Bring drinking water. Inexperienced mushroom pickers believe that the forest has many sources from which you can drink. In fact, potable water is possible to look for the half of the day.

• To avoid getting lost, bring a GPS Navigator or a compass and a map, and a whistle.

• Be ready to meet with snakes. Seeing “creep”, it is better to freeze in place. Then, without turning her back to him, very slowly move away. If the snake does not seem that you want to pounce on her, she will not pursue.

• Do not rejoice to meet with the hairy and hoofed inhabitants of the forest. If you see small animals, don’t try to Pat them, and move slowly to a safe distance. After all, somewhere in the neighborhood of cute children is their strict mother, for their children is ready to fall on everyone. Especially dangerous meeting with broods of wild boars – angry adult wild pigs can cause a person serious injuries.

Alla Rybalko

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