On the beaches in Italy banned what we are doing almost all

And a fine of 300 euros! Would you like have such a ban?

На пляжах в Італії заборонили те, що у нас роблять майже всі

Important news for fans to smoke on the Bank: on all beaches of Italy has forbidden to throw sand in the butts. The penalty for violators will be around 300 euros. The idea is good, but this is not enough, informs Rus.Media.

Many believe that we need to ban Smoking on beaches throughout Italy, as the beach is an open space, where a lot of people, whose health should be safe. Legislatures and municipalities are keen to ban Smoking at the national beaches.

The new rules have already implemented a ban on Smoking in car parked or while driving) and in the presence of pregnant women.

Also you can’t smoke outdoors near hospitals and orphanages.

It’s time to follow the example of some local authorities that have banned Smoking on beaches. Scientists from the National cancer Institute in Milan, was conducted research on the beach in Bibione. The results were so significant and incredible that in 2014, for the first time in Italy, have banned Smoking at the resort.

Under certain conditions of pollution accumulate under the umbrella. The concentration of harmful substances can greatly exceed the allowable level. But on the beach you want to relax and breathe the fresh sea air, not poison your body with cigarette smoke…

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