Olga Sumskaya scared fans with a dramatic change of image

Actress Olga Sumska demonstrated unexpected changes in appearance.

Ольга Сумська налякала шанувальників кардинальною зміною іміджу

Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska was struck by the sudden change in appearance, which has caused controversy among her fans, informs Rus.Media.

So, the actress has published in his Instagram account a photograph with a short haircut.

Under the photo of the Olga asked his fans:

Do you like it?

Probably the only actress tried on the wig for a role, but its supporters began to vigorously discuss a new image.

If some believe that “beauty does not spoil”, the part fans Sumy turned out to be much more categorical. They said that Ola is not a short cut and asked her to bring back his long blond hair.

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