Israel hit by missiles at Assad

The defense army says it was a response to the invasion

Израиль ударил ракетами по Асаду

Thursday, July 12, forces the Syrian government army suffered serious losses: the Israeli air force launched a series of airstrikes. It happened in the province of Quneitra.

According to the newspaper Times Of Israel, Israel’s military said that the attack was a response to the Syrian invasion of drones on the territory of their country.

The report also notes that the military intend to “continue to act decisively against attempts to breach Israel’s sovereignty”.

Израиль ударил ракетами по Асаду

Russia once again broke the calm of the Syrians

We will remind, earlier the information portal “Znayu” wrote that the head of the Syrian Observatory for human rights Rami Abdel Rahman said that Russian military aircraft for the first year after the cease-fire attacked the rebels in southern Syria.

Израиль ударил ракетами по Асаду

“Intensive Russian air strikes struck the city in the Eastern province of Deraa for the first time since the ceasefire in the South of Syria, which was agreed last year,” said Rahman.

At the moment, there were at least 21 shot in Busra al-Hariry, North-East of the city of Deraa. Just suffered 26 blows.

Russian planes struck at the rebels in the South-West of Syria before the start of the June 24, providing air cover for Syrian military unit.

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As previously reported portal “Know.ia” in the night of 8 June air RAID on the rebel-controlled and Islamist groups of the region in Northwest Syria killed at least 44 people.

According to the Syrian Supervisory Board on human rights, and about 60 people were injured.

It is noted that the number of victims of a single assault on the region was the largest this year.

“Military aircraft, which are likely to be Russian, attacked the village Sardine in Northern Idlib, which immediately caused the majority of casualties in a single attack, including 11 women and 6 children”, – said the head of the organization Rami Abdulrahman.

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