How did the lives of little American girls who burned

The controversial history of the image.

Як склалося життя маленької американки яка палила

In 1990, the American photojournalist Mary Ellen mark (Mary Ellen Mark) made his famous picture, “Amanda and her cousin Amy”, where 9-year-old girl from a dysfunctional family smokes, standing in the pool next to his 8-year-old cousin, informs Rus.Media.

This eloquent frame has become one of the most famous works of the photographer who died in 2015 at the age of 75 years. But what was with the little one who was Smoking? How she lives now, almost 30 years later?

After the death of the photographer Mary Ellen mark 25 may 2015 in new York, the journalists NPR decided to find out a little model. Why she smoked, wore makeup and wore false nails at the tender age of nine? What she remembers about the photo shoot? And what happened to it after that Sunny day in 1990?

Her name is Amanda Mary Allison, nee Minton. She lives in North Carolina, remembers how the legendary posed for the picture, and not to smoke she never left. Even now, after almost three decades.

In 1990 Mary Ellen mark went to the countryside in North Carolina, where on assignment for Life magazine was looking for images for the cover of the issue dedicated to troubled kids”. Amanda was such a troubled girl, she lived in a poor neighborhood, which locals call “sin City”. Among its inhabitants were many drug addicts. And just then, around the age of 9 she began Smoking.

“I went out and shot a cigarette, and if I they had not been given, then usually I steal somewhere the whole pack and ran into the forest, recalls Amanda. — And there sat and smoked one after another until the pack is empty”.

Як склалося життя маленької американки яка палила

In an interview with British Vogue in 1993, the photographer had told a little about Amanda:

“She was my favorite. This naughty, just lovely. And she swore — I was once a troubled teen: emotional, dikou a rebel. And always with great sympathy to the children, whom life has deprived. They are much more interesting people who have everything. And so a lot of passion and emotion, such a strong will.”

But Amanda’s life was not the best way. When she was 11, her parents were deprived of parental rights, and the girl began to wander from one foster home to another. To 16 years of age she developed a heavy drug addiction. Since then, she had to stay in prison and out, and even though now her life is said and done, it still is a place for drugs.

Alison admits that at the age of 9 knew that the child she is very distressed and considered their participation in the photo shoots of mark not only as entertainment but also as a possible solution to their problems. She had hoped that she would notice that someone will notice photos, will come and save her. But this did not happen.

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