He began to act openly: disclosed Putin’s plans after the world Cup

Putin and his ambitions can hold back unless tough sanctions

Начал открыто действовать: раскрыты планы Путина после ЧМ

After the Olympic games in Sochi in 2014, Russia has radically changed, and decided to set their own rules, acting in the logic of war. We are currently completing the world Cup, and how will Putin act this time?

After the Olympic games in 2014 Putin immediately went on the offensive in the Donbas and annexed the Crimean Peninsula. Or should we expect from the Kremlin something like that after the world Cup after July 15, asks Russian journalist semen Novoprudsky, writes “NV”.

Начал открыто действовать: раскрыты планы Путина после ЧМ

“Putin after the opening match has not appeared on any of the games of the national team of Russia and will probably, only ending. He did not take part in the unprecedented hype around the Russian players. From football-related activities with the participation of the President is possible to allocate unless only meet the stars of world football past years. They gave Putin a t-shirt with his name and number 11 (it usually played forwards), and earned the condemnation of some Western media for “the support act of a dictator”, says Novoprudsky.

Начал открыто действовать: раскрыты планы Путина после ЧМ

A journalist recalled how Putin spat four years ago in partnership with the West and began to set their own rules.

“That is why the Russian authorities don’t care now, how will treat the Russian Federation in the world after the world Cup. Even better, if bad. Putin likes that fear him: he grew up in the paradigm “are afraid — means respect”. And to most Russians it’s still like that. The policy of Russia after the world Cup will largely depend on the economic situation and how the Kremlin will begin to solve the main question of Russian politics: how to transfer power,” said Novoprudsky. He stressed that even if Putin was determined “to rule” life, he is unlikely to want to play to the West the role of “good guy”.

According to Novoprudsky, Putin and his ambitions are unable to keep unless severe sanctions.

“But the sharp deterioration of the economic situation, on the contrary, may encourage the Russian authorities to new forms of hybrid wars to cover up domestic problems”, – the journalist summed up.

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