Hang this particular piece of paper on the wall and your dreams will come true like in a magical dream!

This method already tested with many people and his strength is surprising, even psychologists.

Повісьте цей особливий аркуш паперу на стіну і ваші мрії здійсняться як в чарівному сні!

Optimists believe that our wishes come true faster if they are strong enough and coming from the heart. And if expressing your desires, even with the help of markers and paper, they’re one step closer to reality, informs Rus.Media.

Despite the fact that the pessimists are of the opinion that this is just self-hypnosis or psychologists are sure in favor of this card. According to them, the visualization of desires, which the person periodically does, stimulating her more often to reflect on their lives. It focuses not on problems and plans and dreams and how to implement them. Correctly prioritizes and spends his time on important things.

Why you need a map visualization?

1.Man learns best shown in images. The confirmation of research medical experts. They conducted a survey with testing and found that the instructions to drugs in which there is only the text, absorbed in the memory of man is 25% worse than the instructions with illustrations, graphs and tables. So we can conclude that even physiologically visual information is important for humans.

2. In humans, as a rule, not one dream and goal in life. A lot of them, at least one in every area of life. This financial situation, work, family and more. Each person they are different. This map will help streamline the flow of thoughts and desires, portraying them on a single sheet, and you will be able to see it all together. To understand does not preclude one dream other and choose what is important to you. And also not to focus only on one you want, forgetting the others.

3. Life is in full swing and the constant routine cases often take a person, far from what she had planned and dreamed about. It may have to delay goals to better times and will go for years, but better times never will come. The map visualization, which will hang on the wall in the bedroom, a daily reminder about why this person wakes up.

Materials needed:

Take as a basis the large drawing paper. It can be fastened on the Board or tape it to the wall. Also needed: glue, scissors, your photo, a couple of magazines and markers. Identify and write down what needs to be depicted on the map. Now we need to look, with the help of which you can depict your desires: pens, calendars, pictures from magazines, paint.

Повісьте цей особливий аркуш паперу на стіну і ваші мрії здійсняться як в чарівному сні!

How to make:

In the center of the paper draw a circle. Stick in there your photo. You need to choose a photo where you are happy and remember that this is the best period of your life. Count how many main goals you have recorded. For example, there are five of them: travel, career, creativity, family, sport. Then split the lines and place on Whatman paper into five parts. It is important that it does not remain empty sectors. Each part of the sign and paint theme pictures, using five sectors, five different shades. Fill each sector with drawings and clippings from magazines that you associate with this desire. For example, in the area of the sector sport, attach a photo of the body, which is for you the perfect or photo of a famous athlete. Where is the travel — record of the places you want to visit and attach their photos. Try to choose the most vivid and bright pictures with vivid colors.

Повісьте цей особливий аркуш паперу на стіну і ваші мрії здійсняться як в чарівному сні!

What not to do:

Hope the map will help if you will not make any effort to reach the goal. It’s not the magic tablecloth and the things shown will not appear by themselves.

Its main goal is to push you to action. To remind you, what are you living for and what really need to try.

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