Gregory Reshetnik told when to get married and have children

Presenter of “the Bachelor” sort through the main rules of family life.

Григорій Решетник розповів, коли краще грати весілля і народжувати дітей

With their single status is a leading reality at STB said goodbye relatively early, at the age of 26. His wife at the time was 20. Three years later the couple had their first son Ivan, and last year the family added another baby boy called Dmitry, informs Rus.Media.

Gregory Reshetnik believes that to marry and have children when you really find your soul mate. However, many finding it, tighten with such an important event in life.

Григорій Решетник розповів, коли краще грати весілля і народжувати дітей

According to the presenter, men often delay the wedding, justifying the desire to first buy a house and a car to confidently stand on his feet.

– It is not perfect: the Finance, you always want more, the house is beautiful, the car – better – says Gregory. – If you’ve been to 30 already decided on a goal in life and took the first steps on the way to it – you are ready to bear responsibility for the family. Everything else will come with time.

As for the children, to start them should be Reshetnik, up to 30-35 years. From the point of view of medicine, the female body 30 is physically stronger, so it is better to give birth to the firstborn in this period.

– Husband “to give birth” easier, it is possible and 35 – laughing Reshetnik. – And, of course, better to give birth when you’re mentally ready. But personally, I’ve always wanted to have a baby soon to be on the same wavelength, to conduct interesting talks with him and be his role model. It’s easier when the age difference is not so noticeable.

But the main rule, which is reminiscent of Gregory Reshetnik – start a family need only love, no matter what age you were.

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