Black bar: one of the signs of the Zodiac fortune will turn backwards

Some of the signs of the Zodiac should listen to the stars and to be more careful

Черная полоса: к кому из знаков Зодиака фортуна повернется задом

Throughout the year, each sign of the Zodiac will have their bad times and black stripes. You need to be ready for them and always remember to be careful that the negative influence of the planets passed with minimal losses.

FISH falls in the summer heat under the destructive influence of Mars and the moon and can feel fatigue and lack of vitality. Quite a bit of time and they will be able to get back in the rhythm of life and even increase productivity. This can help the entire week off.

Черная полоса: к кому из знаков Зодиака фортуна повернется задом

SCORPIOS have to worry at the end of July. But we should not lose self-control and resisting the influence of the planets. They need to try to avoid conflicts and to protect communicating with people, which can provoke conflict.

CAPRICORNS risk of suffering from jealous girlfriend, which will begin to dissuade them from implementing bold plans. It threatens the loss of faith in yourself and a good change in life. It costs them less to listen to advice and go safely to the target.

Черная полоса: к кому из знаков Зодиака фортуна повернется задом

The RAMS also need to look closely at your social circle. Colleagues or acquaintances that have recently appeared in their surroundings, can be very envious individuals. They can really hurt, so it’s best to limit this communication.

VIRGOS need to neglect the solution of personal problems. Spent on conflict resolution energy transformirovalsya in big fights and resentments. It concerns relations with relatives and lovers.

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As previously reported portal “Know. ua” if You chased a black stripe in life, in the middle of summer it will pass like a bad dream, say the astrologers. July carries a positive trend, and this means that changes for the better are waiting for these Zodiac signs.

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