A simple way to reduce 6 times the likelihood of getting into an accident

A new study by American scientists helped to identify the easiest way to reduce the likelihood of accidents to as much as 6 times.

Простий спосіб знизити в 6 разів ймовірність попадання в ДТП

However, the drivers themselves refuse to believe it: they believe that scientists made a serious mistake, informs Rus.Media.

According to published in Risk Analysis: An International Journal article, the use of mobile phones was a key factor in a quarter of all accidents around the world. Just imagine yourself: talking on the phone increases the risk of collision 2.3 times, and texting increases the likelihood of the accident in as much as 6.1 times.

Despite these statistics, drivers simply refuse to believe in the threat of the use of mobile phones. Like, what’s wrong with that, I will now type the message and everything!

Moreover, driving record generally has no significant effect in this case. The more a person relies on proven subsequently, the skills, the more he is prone to distracted driving, the higher the probability of an accident. How to reduce accidents on the road 6 times? So easy to put the phone away, nothing complicated!

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