8 TV shows that look good on warm summer evenings

In the summer you want more palm trees and beautiful girls, surfing and the sea.

8 серіалів, які добре дивитися теплими літніми вечорами

Very few people want in hot weather to watching soap operas with dark landscapes — the majority will prefer the nature of the Hawaiian Islands or any other colorful coast. The main thing that more palm trees and beautiful girls, surfing and the sea. Because not all of us manages to spend the summer on vacation, most often it is some two or three weeks. But to see summer landscapes constantly want, even when viewing the already exciting series from this collection, informs Rus.Media.

“Reservoir dogs”

The four main characters are best friends since school. But those days are long gone, and now they have a little over forty. Someone got married, someone even managed to get a divorce, and someone remained single. But they all stick together. So four is without a doubt accepted the invitation of the fifth friend to celebrate in a Villa on the exotic island of his retirement. Picturesque scenery luxurious resort will be a nice bonus to an interesting story. And complicated story, which has turned the rest entails lies, betrayal and the many unexpected turns of events.

“Death in Paradise”

Inspector of the London police Department, Richard Poole used to the cold and misty in the capital, therefore, when he was sent on a business trip to the Caribbean island of Saint Marie, he reluctantly agreed, just for the sake of the case. To him, this bias can be forgiven, because to walk in someone else’s tropical lands in a wool suit, investigating a terrible case — the task is not pleasant. But the viewer in the picture behind the inspector will fall in love immediately. After all, the Caribbean is the place where summer lives eternally and where you dream to get hundreds of thousands of people from around the world.

“Hawaii 5:0”

A former naval officer, a police detective with a bunch of medals in the cupboard, of course, has a personal drama — the unsolved case of the murder of his father. In this case, he returns home to Oahu. And when the Governor of Hawaii persuaded him to lead a team of detectives he did and decided to stay there.

Complicated cases, investigations, personal history — and all this against the background of the landscape, which is rightly called Paradise. After all, despite the fact that here, too, there is crime, local nature takes speechless with its ethereal beauty. And what do you need for a perfect show?

“The menagerie”

The series is based on the novel, which tells of animals who are tired of living on the same planet with people. They decided to attack the pesky bipeds. If you are scared from the description, it is only until you watched the first series. Against the bright nature turns serious pursuit of people — worse than the famous “the Walking dead”. At least their fans this unusual series exactly like it.


Domestic tragicomedy – this is the most accurate description of this series. He tells about the difficulties of life the average American man and his family — wife, small child and sister, and a small bonus in the form of a best friend. Why to watch it? On the colorful beach scenery you can enjoy Frank and banal Comedy.

“Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

Childhood friends own a bar in Philadelphia and do not possess special moral qualities — they love teasing, angry in its own way strange. All their jokes blacker than black and is the antithesis of political correctness. And let the humor goes far beyond the liberal rules of the modern world, but this series has a lot of fans and it was definitely one of the best and popular sitcoms of its time.

“Wet hot American summer”

A nice bonus to the film of the same name from 2001, which in turn was a good satire on the silly youth comedies of the 80s. In the film, all the events occurred on the last day at summer camp, and in the series will explain all the first — from the first day. A good way to pass the time for fans of light comedies. And who doesn’t?

“The island”

Remember the hackneyed template of the plot, where a group of different people involved in a reality show, preferably in a deserted area and fighting for the championship? So, having at the start of this worn-out theme, you can still get some great and original series “the Island”. Watch it interesting and enjoyable. Rude, weak-minded hunk, a typical blonde, red beast, clever and tiny — a starting set of groups to show on a desert island. A whole crew, but here’s the thing, they die before even starting. Now the reality show is already not a show but reality is cruel and real. And in the group really need to survive, because while it is not clear how to find a connection with the outside world and any chance for rescue.

To choose between these series is not necessary because the whole summer is still ahead and you can see everything on this list. Importantly, do not forget to still leave home to enjoy a real summer sun!

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