5 incredible, inspirational parables.

Four candles were burning quietly and slowly melted…

5 неймовірних, надихаючих притч!

1. Wise old Chinese man walked along a snow-covered field when they saw a weeping woman, informs Rus.Media.

— Why are you crying? he asked.

— Because I think about his life, youth, beauty that I saw in the mirror, and the man I loved. God is cruel, which gave the ability to remember. He knew that I will remember the spring of my life and cry.

Sage stood in a snowy field and stared at one point and thought. Suddenly the woman stopped crying:

— What do you see there? she asked.

— The field of roses, ‘ replied the sage. God was generous to me when he gave me the ability to remember. He knew that in the winter I will always remember the spring and smile.

5 неймовірних, надихаючих притч!

2. I know… We’re fighting all the time… We can’t be together, right?

– Do you like cherries?


– You viplove bones when you eat it?

– Well, Yes.

– And in life… Learn to spit out the bones and simultaneously to love cherries.

5 неймовірних, надихаючих притч!

3. Four candles were burning quietly and slowly melted away… it Was so quiet that I heard, as they, crackling fire, talking.

The first said, “I am Calm. Unfortunately, people are not able to save me. I think there is nothing else like burn out!” And the candle went out.

The second said, “I – Faith. Unfortunately, I do not need anyone. People don’t want to hear anything about me, so it makes no sense to burn on.” Barely with that, she faded away.

Sadly, the third said: “I am Love. I have no strength to burn on. People don’t appreciate me. They can neither give love nor receive it.” And this candle is extinguished.

Suddenly… In walked a kid. Seeing three candles extinguished, she got scared and screamed, “What are you doing?! You must burn! I’m afraid of the dark!” And began to cry.

Excited light the fourth candle said: “do Not be afraid and do not cry! While I burn, you can light the other three candles. I HOPE.”

5 неймовірних, надихаючих притч!

4. One woman was walking down the street in Paris and noticed Picasso, who was sketching at a sidewalk café. She asked Picasso if he could make a sketch of her for a fee.

Picasso agreed. In just a few minutes the sketch was ready.

And how much do I owe you? — asked the woman.

— Five thousand francs, — said Picasso.

— But this took you three minutes, — she politely reminded the artist.

“No,” replied Picasso — it took my whole life.

5 неймовірних, надихаючих притч!

5. A girl sat on a Park bench and wept bitterly. At this time the kid was riding a tricycle in the alley. And so felt sorry for him the girl, he asked:

— Auntie, why are you crying?

— Oh, baby, you can’t understand — shrugged the girl.

The kid thought that after that she started to cry even more. He said:

— Do you have any pain? I can give you a toy? I have a lot…

More crying girl:

Oh, boy, ‘she replied,’ I don’t need nobody, nobody loves me…

The boy looked serious, and said,

— Are you sure you asked everyone?

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