Who made an official statement: smoked meat is more harmful than cigarettes!

It’s time to change your ideas about good and evil.

ВООЗ зробила офіційну заяву: копчене м&#039ясо шкідливіше сигарет!

Even in 2015, appeared in the media sensational information: health bacon causes more harm than cigarettes. This statement was made with the filing of the authoritative and respected source, the world health organization, informs Rus.Media.

Who has required manufacturers to label processed meat as “carcinogenic product” and States recommended to equate it to such deadly substances like asbestos, arsenic, cigarettes and alcohol.

The results of a study conducted by the International Agency for research on cancer under who proved in the processed meat contains substances, which lead to the formation of colon cancer.

According to the Agency, the 50-gram daily serving of processed meat increases the risk of developing bowel cancer by 18%. That’s about three slices of cooked bacon.

According to experts, there are also potentially carcinogenic red meat, including beef, lamb and pork.

ВООЗ зробила офіційну заяву: копчене м&#039ясо шкідливіше сигарет!

These findings are based on more than 800 studies, they have already received a lot of negative feedback from companies in the meat industry.

How has the situation changed today? The who declared the dangers of meat and bacon, but makes no moves to save humanity from this threat. Yes, it is not the purpose of the organization.

The health of ordinary citizens, nobody cares. The who says such things to somehow justify their existence.

On the surface we see only a small part of what makes who. The organization conducts research and reports their results before the public. But the main work of the who is not the case. Their task is to promote certain products and preparations.

In addition, when the government starts to regulate at the official level, for example, recognizes the danger of tobacco, there are laws that severely hit the pockets of buyers and at the same time bring profits to the producers and the state.

Do people need who recommendations to understand the processed meat – not the most useful product? Do you need to ban it at official level, in order to stop people abusing it?

Each of us has a head on his shoulders. Use common sense, the experience of others and other reliable sources when it comes to your health. Don’t go on about the world health organization.

They do not recognize carcinogenic many other products, even though they are not. So whether or not to listen to their opinion?

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