What is the real benefit of a morning glass of water?

Several reasons for drinking a morning glass of water with honey or lemon.

У чому справжня користь ранкової склянки води?

A glass of clean, warm water in the morning, prepares our gastrointestinal tract to work. Night on the walls of blood deposited waste digestion, toxins and wastes. Hot water helps our body to cleanse itself of all the excess. Besides, in the morning it enhances the laxative effect, which promotes natural cleansing, informs Rus.Media.

Another major function of water is the acceleration of metabolic processes. It contributes to the rapid transport of oxygen and nutrients. The procedure itself is simple as 2×2. A glass of hot water (typically 40-50 degree) drink in small SIPS for 20-30 minutes before Breakfast. Add to that a teaspoon of honey, the result will only improve. Honey, as you know, has fantastic properties for the body, and together with the warm water it is better absorbed. No wonder that honey is almost the only foods that never goes bad. Thus, we help ourselves to clean the stomach, rejuvenate the body, and slightly reduce the extra inches, and of course to boost your ease and cheerfulness for the whole day.

Several reasons for a morning glass of water with honey or lemon:

it helps natural cleansing of the body

-promotes digestion

-stimulates the liver

lemon juice contains a lot of potassium, which is not only good for the body, but also reduces the level of depression and anxiety.

lemon juice helps lower blood pressure.

They say any habit can develop in 21 days. A glass of hot water in the morning is a healthy habit.

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