The truth about Smoking, which is not convenient for everyone – quite unexpectedly, to read all smokers will be surprised!

Do you smoke? However, it doesn’t matter.

Правда про паління, яка незручна всім - досить неочікувано, читати всім курцям, будете здивовані!

You still on the same side of the barricades. Because this world has already rosdiana a war in which two armies are fighting — Tobacco and Clean Air. Be sure to write in the comments what story You like best! Let’s start.., informs Rus.Media.

Smoking is dangerous for health? The funny thing is that while nobody could nor confirm one hundred percent that Smoking is dangerous or refute this idea. Neither scientifically nor statistically.

It is known that heavy smokers reduced the working volume of the lungs, when the load pulse is increased further, and the shortness of breath occurs faster than non-smokers. Exactly what smokers have increased metabolism, so they are worse than gain weight faster and lose it.

How life-threatening these changes are to be judged is not yet possible. Because as soon as it begins to relate to nicotine dependence, scientists, and statisticians discouraged.

So, up to 70% dying from lung cancer — smokers who quit Smoking. But if you take the basic age and gender cut such deaths, it turns out that he is so and so is 70% of former or current smokers.

Yes, shortness of breath when climbing to the fifth floor is not good. But smokers are 15% faster solve the problem of tests on IQ. And twice as likely to die from diabetes.

So pregnant smokers children are often born with a lack of weight. But smokers are 50% less common threat prenatal preeclampsia, and a third reduced the number of cases of toxicosis. Emphysema occurs in smokers twice as often, but Alzheimer’s is three times less, and Parkinson’s disease.

Here is the official medicine strikes the Gong wins! One hundred percent found that smokers are more at risk to become victims of frostbite — tissues are less able to resist the cold. Proven, tested, safe! Let’s fight with a bad habit! But then creeps up the report of the British medical Academy of a sharp decline in the number of ulcerative colitis in smokers compared to non-smokers — what kind of meanness is…

Summary data once again show that statistics is the science of false, inaccurate and insane. But worse comes when the statistics suddenly loosened up.

Wild scandal ended in 1993, the medical report, the Australian Bureau of statistics on the health status of the population in 1989-1990. There is still need to consider that Australia, with its centralised system of medical centers and medical insurance any statistical studies look much better and bigger than the European and American centers.

Правда про паління, яка незручна всім - досить неочікувано, читати всім курцям, будете здивовані!

So, according to this report, the health of Australian smokers in General had better health than non-smokers or rushing to smoke.

Atherosclerotic disease and cancer — the two main scarecrows in the fight against Smoking, showed modest results in those who according to their testimony does not produce Smoking sticks out of the mouth, compared to non-Smoking citizens. If you consider what amount of money antinational lobbyists at the time, managed to extort from the pockets of the state on their great struggle, their reports of the drafters was to feed the sharks, frolicking in the coastal waters of Sydney…

In comparison with this bomb could not even pay attention to the traditionally awful results of Greece (the highest percentage of smokers in Europe and the lowest level of cancer and diseases of the circulatory system). This Greece — in the end they have sun, wine, mountain air, folk dances.

How does nicotine

Tobacco contains the alkaloid nicotine. During the combustion of tobacco, some of the nicotine gets into the smoke into the body through the lungs and mucous membranes. Then with the blood nicotine is carried to all organs and begins to penetrate the cells of the tissues. In fact to get into our cage is not so simple — face control at the entrance is more serious than in the elite club, and guests outside the list, there catch nothing special.

But nicotine luck. Part of the receptor cells designed to provide unobstructed access inside the natural enzyme of our body — acetylcholine perceives nicotine as a form of this enzyme. And opens wide the door. Action that nicotine has on the body, very much.

It raises your heart rate, constricts blood vessels (and at the same time promotes their growth), comes into close interaction with the neurons of the brain, stimulates the production of the enzyme dopamine pleasure inside us remains virtually no areas where nicotine is not stuck your nose in. But any too violent change in us occurs.

Unlike alcohol, for example, nicotine behaves quite humbly, very quickly integrates into the overall workflow of metabolism and you have so much our bodies that quickly recovered after the first vomiting and dizziness begins to demand all new and new portions of the substance, considering it is now a legitimate part of your own system.

The day of judgment

Now the head is not yet cut, but apparently everyone is going. Sixteen years ago, the largest tobacco company in the United States has acknowledged its obligation to pay 46 States $206 000 000 to cover the cost of health insurance smokers. The insurance company for a long time danced victory dances. Still, under “nicotine Amnesty” hit most of the existing diseases — it was enough for the patient to indicate that he is a smoker, and bills for his treatment were sent to centres for distribution of tobacco subsidies.

Given that the production of tobacco and so are subject to a tremendous taxes, and the companies regularly pay multimillion-dollar amount in claims the particular “victims”, it would seem, can be satisfied and such indemnity. There it was.

In January 2014, the U.S. Department of justice and the five largest tobacco companies Philip Morris USA, Reynolds American, British American Tobacco, Liggett Group and Lorillard Tobacco after 15 years of litigation reached an agreement. Initially, the moj was required to recover from cigarette manufacturers 280 billion dollars on charges that fifty years ago they participated in a criminal conspiracy, concealing from the public that Smoking is addictive, and the inhaled smoke is dangerous, and claiming that “light” cigarettes are less harmful.

In the end, the tobacco companies were found guilty of consumer fraud, but the penalty to break the Bank forgave them, forcing only to publicly admit to the crime. If the Ministry of justice insisted on the payment, these captains of industry would go out of business.

Правда про паління, яка незручна всім - досить неочікувано, читати всім курцям, будете здивовані!

Why is tobacco so afraid of?

Going to the anti-Smoking money that thresults from tobacco companies and are milked dry of state budgets, is a sum with many zeros. Not surprisingly, this gold glitter attracts so many fierce fighters, angry speakers and passionate guardians of the happiness of mankind. People will always pay for two types of citizens, it is still a Royal philosopher Marcus Aurelius said, “Those who entertain and those who scares them”.

Of course, entertainment, show business, the scale is still larger, but it “Lacotel” is also quite a thriving.

Hundreds of funds are safely pocketed tobacco millions, feeding doctors and journalists, politicians and public figures. Of course, you can still fight abortion, with power plants, genetically modified foods, bad environment, a crisis of overproduction, with the automotive industry…

But in most of these cases on the side of “blemish” usually are too powerful forces, which are still quite successfully resist such attacks. Try it for a day as it follows the same genetically modified foods — will be against you half of all U.S. farmers, no fools with such bulls butt. A tobacco company was quite fatty and tasty, but also too weak.

Success in the fight against the demonic potion stagger the imagination — the bastions are falling behind the ramparts. Smokers hung red flags from all sides, non-drummed that those with Smoking pieces in your mouth, encroach on your life and freedom. They envelop with smoke your kids and they grow up stupid freaks, they deprive men of sexual power, they jinxed your cows and dancing naked on Bald mountain!.. In General, the old recipes work well.

Convince new smokers that person with a cigarette in the other end of the restaurant did not cause him absolutely no harm — it’s like that five hundred years ago to try to tell a godly man in the street of Cologne about the fact that witches don’t actually milk, it is ripened and do not damage children in the womb.

Правда про паління, яка незручна всім - досить неочікувано, читати всім курцям, будете здивовані!

A strange poison in the world

Nicotine boils at a temperature of 140-145°C, soluble in water, ether and alcohol, is a very powerful poison. A drop of nicotine in several centigrammes kill a horse. It’s true.

But here the dog is required to have two or three drops, and if you take a goat or a sheep, these animals quietly drink and ten drops, not even a Meca.

Amoebas in General may well exist, playing in a one percent solution of nicotine, but the tubercle Bacillus somehow instantly toes (or that it’s still there) even in the presence of negligible amounts of this alkaloid in the environment (that’s why experienced physicians of tubercular sanatoria stealthily suggest to their patients to take the time to quit Smoking, but first to recover).

If Smoking man will eat twenty cigarettes, he will either die, or forever lose his mind, but schizophrenics Smoking helps to block the attacks of madness — nicotine has a beneficial effect on their work of neurons. A leech, which was used to suck blood of a smoker lives an average of 20% longer than her non-Smoking counterparts, but if a person with pasajero leech will smoke, then the animal will quickly die in terrible agony.

6 reliable ways to reduce the harm from Smoking

Not to smoke more than a half of cigarettes

Better light the next one, throwing a cigarette butt, a dark colour filter that already does not cope with the absorption of harmful substances.

Don’t smoke on an empty stomach

Even if you belong to those creative individuals who, revealing the eyes in the morning, immediately begin a weak hand to look at the table Smoking accessories — prepare in the evening the bedside table so that the hand came first on some yogurt or fruit. Make yourself eat them. Now you can smoke with the consciousness of duty done.

Eat apples

If each smoked a cigarette you could compensate eaten on the same day, a half of an Apple, the harm from Smoking in your case would be minimized in the Apple contains substances that help the body to restore the balance of minerals and reduce the risk from exposure to carcinogens. But, of course, so many apples you will not cram. So just eat as much as you want.

Don’t put a cigarette in his mouth

The smoke will dicates even if you just squeeze the filter to an almost closed lips. Just it will be less. First, it would be unusual to smoke exactly, but it is good to be a smoker — it’s the fact that you’re not to get used very quickly.

More breathe fresh air and move

Better to smoke twenty cigarettes and a one-hour jog in the Park, than not to smoke any and all day to sit in a stuffy room. If remorse make you spend in the gym for twenty minutes longer, and sleep with the window open — so your Smoking is not so harmful in General.

Don’t beat yourself up, do not scare yourself cancer and emphysema

If you smoke, do it with pleasure and a pure heart. Fears, nervousness and hypochondria themselves are often the cause of serious diseases, and not just nervous. Many experts believe that always expecting the worst and knowing the anxiety that can provoke the development of cancer.

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