The doctor told me about the dangers and benefits of chicory

Chicory is quite a popular drink that replaces the coffee in the diet.

Лікар розповів про шкоду і користь цикорію

Whether it is useful, the nutritionist said Kirill Bondar, informs Rus.Media.

The doctor told me about the dangers and benefits of chicory: in his opinion, the chicory itself was useful, if it is frequently used. According to nutritionist, this drink contains amino acids and insulin. This drink can raise your mood due to the hormone of happiness.

The doctor warns that in addition to the recommendations of doctors, the man himself must listen to your body: in his view, if he reacts negatively, you must exclude this product from the diet. Often, the chicory may cause an unpleasant sensation of heartburn, in that case you have to refer to a gastroenterologist.

There are advantages for which people love chicory – it is vaguely reminiscent of coffee, and raises the pressure and reduces the concentration of sugar in the blood. Kirill Bondar recommends to add to the finished drink cinnamon or ginger for maximum flavor, since these products chicory goes well.

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