The difference between food cooked on gas and electric stove

Today to change gas stove to electric nothing.

Чим відрізняється їжа, приготована на газу і електроплиті

However, the owners of the units operating on gas in no hurry to give them up. It would seem that electricity is much safer than gas. But proponents of gas argue that food cooked on a gas burner, is very different from the one that was cooked using electricity, informs Rus.Media.

Gas vs electricity

According to most chefs, the tastiest food is food cooked on an open flame in the furnace or at the stake. Anyone who has ever tasted the porridge or soup from the stove to confirm this. Gas with characteristics that are certainly closer to such fire than electricity.

Besides, the gas burner heats up much faster than electric, and therefore the time of thermal action on the products, when using gas is considerably reduced. And the smaller the processing undergoes a particular product, the more nutrients it retains. That is why, according to foodies, the food is cooked on gas, healthier than the one that came with electric burners.

In addition, according to experts, to control and regulate the temperature of food using a gas stove is much easier than using electric. After all the flames we see. Of course, this fact is for experienced chefs of great importance. For example, costs only a little overcook beef liver and become hard and quite tasteless.


But as for the ovens, their manufacturers give leadership electricity. The fact that the gas ovens, the heating is done mainly from the bottom so the heat inside the Cabinet is not evenly distributed. This circumstance, undoubtedly, can significantly spoil the taste of food and make food harmful. Electric oven is usually designed in such a way that, for example, the chicken pie or baked equally from all sides.

Gas causes cancer

However, according to scientists, to give preference to gas stoves is not worth it. So researchers from science and technology University of Norway found that food cooked on a gas hob, it is extremely harmful to health. The fact is that burning gas emits toxic substances that are deposited on food and adversely affect the condition of our body. Moreover, the level of combustion products generated when cooking with gas stoves, 4-10 times higher than while using electrical apparatus.

The international Agency for research on cancer diseases confirmed that harmful particles generated during cooking on gas stoves, can cause malignant tumors. That is why experts suggest all owners of gas stoves during their use the included hood.

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