Slovakia for arms from the United States refused Putin’s scrap metal

The government of Slovakia will replace the Russian MiG-29 fighters for the new American F-16

Словакия ради оружия из США отказалась от путинского металлолома

The Slovak government decided to abandon the obsolete Russian MiG-29 in favor of the newest American F-16. It is known that the country will gain as many as 14 units of new aircraft.

This was announced by the Slovak Ministry of defence.

Thus, the Agency stated that it conducted a full and impartial analysis of all the proposed qualities of the fighters and came to the conclusion that American planes are much better and more sophisticated.

“Through careful analysis we have selected the best solution because they (F-16) are one of the main modern machines, in terms of price, quality and features, as well as what we can afford, as a country,” said defence Minister Peter Gaydash.

Словакия ради оружия из США отказалась от путинского металлолома

Moreover it is worth noting that American planes are cheaper to service and in the training of pilots.

“The Department of defense compared the price of ammunition, the cost of training pilots and ground staff, logistics, infrastructure is complete, delivery time and other operating costs to 2040,” – said in the message.

It should be noted that Slovakia, as a country-member of NATO had a contract with Russia for the maintenance of the MiG-29 until the fall of 2019. It is reported that the Russian master was served by 12 military vehicles.

In addition it should be noted that Russian aircraft will continue to be at one of the Slovak database, because the delivery of latest F-16 is quite a long time. In particular, experts note that the full execution of the contract on the transfer of American fighter jets might take until 2023.

The Pentagon confirmed the possibility of the sale of Slovakia missiles and F-16 fighters.

Словакия ради оружия из США отказалась от путинского металлолома

Slovakia plans to spend about 6.5 billion euros until 2030 to upgrade its armed forces. Defense spending is expected to grow from 1.2% of gross domestic product this year to 1.6% in 2020 and 2.0% to 2024.

However, it should be noted that the American analytical company predict, how to behave Russia in the event of a conflict with equal strength opponent.

As indicated in the material for voice of America, nothing indicates Russia’s desire to resolve the conflict with almost equal, or match her strength as a military enemy, and the leaders of Russia understand the adverse circumstances with which their country would face in case of prolonged conflict with a rival like the Alliance.

Therefore, experts believe that the conflict between Russia and the US, China or one of the countries of Europe only in case of misunderstandings. It is also possible that it could begin because of the change of power in the Kremlin.

Словакия ради оружия из США отказалась от путинского металлолома

Russia will try to avoid a direct collision with equal or nearly equal strength military adversary with defense systems and attack weapons with an extended radius of impact, experts say. She tries to use the strategy of indirect actions and asymmetric responses to different dimensions of warfare with the aim to make up for the probable imbalance.

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