Puff pastry in a hurry

This is a wonderful dough, just stick wand.

Листкове тісто на швидку руку

This is a wonderful dough, just stick wand. Cook it elementary, and probably 10 minutes much. And the result is incredible with both soft and crisp, layered and delicious. No need to RUB, roll, don’t need a lot of movements. Just mix all the ingredients one at a time and put it in the refrigerator, informs Rus.Media.


  • Margarine (room temperature) — 200 g
  • Yolk of egg — 1 PC
  • Sour cream (kefir,sour milk) 100 ml
  • Salt (pinch) — 1 g,
  • Flour — 500 gr.


To the flour add the margarine, or butter, you can take 100 g of each product. Turn all into crumbs, it is done pretty quickly. Then add the egg yolk and sour cream or yogurt, that is. Knead the dough. If the dough is sticky, we pour a flour. Put into the fridge. Our dough is ready. I love to cook cookies, pies, anything. Let’s prepare together the most delicious cookies that can be.

Prepare biscuit that melts in your mouth, and the caramel crust is so nice crunches. Just cut off a piece of dough, roll out. Using pizza cutter cut into triangles and diamonds. If thinner, there will be fewer layers if thicker, then more layers. Separately in a bowl and sent the remainder of the protein from the test and separately the sugar, about a Cup.

Sprinkle with flour a baking sheet and each triangle wmoxam in protein, then in sugar, on one side and dry-side down, laid on a baking sheet, to sugar was on top. This rule test 4 turns of the pan of cookies. Bake until Golden brown at 180C. Get delicious snacks.

Bon appetit!

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