Mandrake: why is everyone afraid of this plant

Mandrake still excites the imagination of writers and just impressionable people.

Мандрагора: чому всі боялися цю рослину

Previously, the Mandrake root for its resemblance to a human figure endowed with magical properties. And no wonder: even modern science believes the Mandragora unique plant, informs Rus.Media.

What is common between the dog and the Mandrake?

Despite the fact that since ancient times people knew about the healing properties of the Mandrake, growing, and especially the collection of this plant was considered extremely dangerous. The fact that our ancestors believed that if you pull the Mandrake root from the ground, he starts to shout loudly, trying to get someone to put it back in. According to legend, from the cry of the Mandrake you can go crazy or even die.

Therefore, in order to use the Mandrake root for witchcraft or treatment, people have mined it themselves, but with the help of Pets. Most of these were dogs. The collector of the root, previously slapped ear canals with wax, tied one end of the rope on the neck of the dog, and the other to the plant. Then lure the dog with treats. Thus the root was in human hands. It is clear that hearing the scream of the Mandrake, the animal immediately fell down dead.

The use of the Mandrake in ancient times

When the roots of the Mandrake was attributed to such strong magical properties that for possession of this plant was based on the death penalty. However, the desire to get rich quick or healing was stronger than fear of death.

The Mandrake was used as a love amulet or talisman, as well as for obtaining financial well-being and power. To attract wealth at the root of wore clothes and hid in the house out of reach for someone else’s opinion. Sometimes the plant will get, soaked in wine, and even, as a dear guest sitting at the table during meals.

Sorcerers advised to attract the attention of members of the opposite sex everywhere a root to carry. With Mandrake preparing all kinds of drugs: as the bewitching and deadly. The root is hung above the door for protection from enemies and enviers.

Shamans used the Mandrake for communication with the subtle world. And doctors used an unusual root to treat ulcers, tumors, joints, toothache, infertility and impotence. Additionally, the juice of the Mandrake was added to the wine, and gave drink to patients as anesthesia before surgical operations.

Modern science is about Mandrake

Mandrake, even according to modern scientists, is a unique plant. For example, taken from the earth Mandrake root live about a year and can be re-planted on the bed without any harm.

In addition, mandragor alkaloids contain properties that are used in medicine to relieve spasms, hyperacidity and in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

However, Mandrake is still a very poisonous plant. Therefore, the use of Mandrake without proper control can be threatening convulsions, hallucinations, memory loss and even death.

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