Ice cream: save you from migraines and the heat and will give a feeling of happiness

The most famous cold dessert saves not only from heat but also from boredom.

Морозиво: врятує від мігрені і спеки і подарує відчуття щастя

From ice cream in the summer to refrain almost impossible. And is it necessary? It hurts, not so much a treat as his number. Besides, if engage in the manufacture of ice cream by yourself, you can health benefits to and surprise guests. We learned from the experts and why we love ice cream, informs Rus.Media.

The taste of childhood

Today, on average, each person eats 20 kilos of ice cream a year. Why we like it? Psychologists say, because the taste of ice cream reminiscent of childhood — a period of joy and lightheartedness. So when we eat ice cream, our brain produces endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine — a whole bunch of happy hormones.

Ice cream – the perfect remedy for bad mood and depression, – the psychologist Natalia Vishnevskaya. – It’s simple! When we eat ice cream, the body begins to produce “the hormone of joy – serotonin. If you want scientific fact that ice cream contains a substance called “l-tryptophan”. It is a kind of natural tranquilizer which gives us the feeling of happiness.

If you want to get a maximum dose of happiness, psychologists advise to choose chocolate ice cream. It has more vitamin In charge of this “sphere”

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