Fat eat or not to eat — that is the question!

Or why we should not abandon the beloved weight of the product.

Сало їсти чи не їсти — ось в чому питання!

Many lovers fat abandoned this product in favor of a healthy diet. But justified if such a sacrifice? And be sure to say fat is a definite no? Let’s see, informs Rus.Media.

Where does the fat.

Researchers believe that the home of fat should be considered… Italy. This inexpensive (at the time), but high in calories and nutritious product fed slaves.

Now fat consume all of Europe, and the leaders (you would not believe) — France, Germany, Denmark. We won’t catch them, but we also there are many fans of bacon.

And we have good news: it is not necessary to refuse, after all, this is a useful and nutritious product. Which can be used both in everyday and festive dishes.

What are the benefits of fat?

The composition of the fat is arachidonic acid, which is involved in activation of the immune system when the body is attacked by viruses and bacteria. Also it is essential for a healthy cholesterol metabolism. Moreover, fat is a very valuable source of this acid, contains a lot more than other products (e.g. fresh milk).

By the way, about cholesterol. Many people do not eat fat because of it. And it does nothing!

First, cholesterol is not “bad” or “good”, that would not say some promoters of healthy nutrition.

Secondly, in fat cholesterol relatively not much — only 85 to 90 mg per 100 g (for comparison — in eggs — 373 mg per 100 g!). But if you eat fat with a bit of sugar vegetables, seasoned with lemon juice or vinegar, the action of cholesterol will generally be neutralized.

The fat contains vitamins A, D, E. of Course, it can become a significant source (it will have to eat much, but the surfeit of harmful even with the most neutral products), but the overall contribution to the diet the fat making.

Finally, the fat is very useful to fry. He has a high “smoke point” — 195 – 3, which is more than most vegetable oils.

Tomorrow is another day

Some experts recommend to eat fat in the morning. Explain it this way: the liver works all night, cleans the blood of toxins, surpass them in the bile. And fat contributes to this the bile faster fall in the intestine, where it in turn helps digestion. Besides, high-calorie fat provides a surge of strength and energy.

But, of course, if you decide to take advice eat fat in the morning, garlic is better to abstain. But any other time is better to use these products together. The fact that the garlic and bacon are sources of selenium — a trace mineral which is also called “mineral of longevity.”

Sometimes you need to be careful

Fat, like any product shown not all. It is not recommended to get involved in a number of diseases holetsistit, intercult acute, cholelithiasis, and others. If you have a fever, refrain from fat in General, in other periods severely limit the use of no more than 30 grams at a time and not every day. A maximum of twice a week (and then, after it allowed the doctor).

And, of course, let’s not forget about the caloric content of fat (about 770 kcal per 100 g). If you eat it in large quantities, it will affect.

To summarize, the fat — a really useful product, but remember the saying of the ancient physicians: “a drop of the medicine in the spoon, the poison.” That is, moderation in everything — that’s the key to truly healthy eating.

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