Fashion trends that it’s time to say goodbye

Check wear you antitrend.

Модні тенденції, яким давно пора сказати "до побачення"

Cardigans that were popular in the 1960-ies, dressed princesses in the 80-ies and 70-ies, now do not go from the pages of fashion magazines. Most experts agree that every fashion cycle lasts on average 15 years. People need about two years to notice the trend, even five years, yet it is gaining momentum, and once the popularity reaches its peak – deducted another five-year period of mass hysteria. Then for another three years, the popularity will begin to decline, informs Rus.Media.

It is possible that the trend will return at some time, but there are some common trends that are considered bad manners:

A bunch of rings

According to the etiquette of jewellery, the total number of rings per woman should not exceed 3, including a wedding ring. Also allowed not more than two jewels. Keep in mind that after 17 o’clock in the evening it is recommended to wear jewelry with diamonds, emeralds and rubies, if you have them, of course.

Sweaters and knit dresses cheap

Jersey poor quality easily stretched and torn. In addition, poor quality material may cause an allergic skin reaction. The ideal ratio of quality – 20-30% synthetic fibers, and 70-80% natural.

Dark tights in the summer

It is better not to wear tights of dark colors in the summer because they don’t look unsightly. Keep in mind that the acceptable color of the tights – a little darker than skin color.

Allowed to wear tights with summer shoes, but it is important to choose the right color and texture. But remember that tights are never worn with sandals and other open shoes.

Underwear that is visible under the blouse

Some women believe that wearing bright underwear under sheer clothing is very elegant. But this is fundamentally wrong. Seamless underwear color-body – a much better choice. And forget about the silicone strap, it is better to bet on bras altogether.

The lack of accessories

Accessories can complement your vision and give it a unique charm. You can use hats, scarves, belts, bags, watches. They can be the same color as the garment or contrast with them. When choosing accessory, remember that it needs to fit your body. Select large if you have a great body. But if you are a monster, better look for smaller accessories.


Style pajamas, which was popular a few years ago, no longer in fashion. Also forget the hoods to leave their 15-year-old girls.

Sunglasses with rhinestones

Choose sunglasses with non-standard or classical form without any stones. These “gems” can make your image cheap. When choosing this accessory, sne forget about the type of person.

Long sharp nails

Take a look at the manicure. Long, sharp nails with bright motives – it is an outdated trend. Today’s popular oval and pointy nails are a little long. Modern colors – white, black, nadavi or colorless nail Polish.

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