Drink instead of When: in America, the incredible boom “Kombucha”, which in the Soviet Union knew all

We Kombucha called Kombucha mushroom.

П&#039ють замість Коли: в Америці - неймовірний бум "чайного гриба", про який в СРСР знали всі

For Soviet citizens this homemade drink was an alternative to the usual in the West “Pepsi” and “Cola”, which until 80-ies in the CIS was not. After a variety of soda in our market, Kombucha just forgot, informs Rus.Media.

Today, interest in the Soviet beverage is reborn. Kombucha is marketed as “elixir of life”, he is credited with a positive effect on the digestive system and the ability to remove toxins. Now this drink can be found even in the crafting menu bars, its sales grow in the US and in Europe.

According to the newspaper, selling Kombucha in the world in 2016 amounted to 1.06 billion dollars, and by 2022 could grow to 2.5 billion, While North America is one of the fastest growing markets in 2017 sales of Kombucha there reached 556 million dollars. In addition, the brand Kombucha KeVita bought PepsiCo and the beverage soon became one of the most sold in the United States.

According to some, the history of Kombucha begins in northeast China in 220 BC. Later, the drink spread throughout the world and several hundred years ago, was in Ukraine. In the Soviet Union Kombucha insisted in three-liter jar for five to ten days with sugar and tea, and then strained and drank. The fungus is usually reused for making the next batch.

Kombucha was also popular in Soviet prisons. The publication claims that the tradition infuse the drink in places of deprivation of liberty has been preserved until now. In particular, in 2015, Viktor bout, who is serving a 26-year sentence in prison in Illinois, the guards found and withdrew Kombucha. The drink was considered an alcoholic and continued a prisoner period for another 40 days.

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