Do not throw away expired medications. Shelf life – the invention of the bureaucrats!

Doctors explain why.

Не викидайте прострочені ліки! Термін придатності - вигадка бюрократів!

In the closet the usual pharmacy workers forgot the box of your prescription drugs. By the time you found her, the medication was over the first manned flight to the moon, informs Rus.Media.

What can you expect from drugs after 30-40 years after the expiry date?

The results of the analysis show that 12 of the 14 drugs were still active as if their expiry date is not passed.

Pharmacies USA regularly utilize a large amount of prescription drugs that have expired. Date on the package – only the deadline by which the U.S. regulator and the manufacturer guarantee the activity and the quality of the drug. As a rule, two or three years.

But this does not mean that medications lose their effectiveness after the expiration date.

It also does not mean that you need to make expired drugs. It might be possible to improve the registration process, it will help the US government to save billions of dollars.

For over half a century FDA (Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines) requires to specify the expiry date of the drug on the packaging.

To determine the shelf life of a drug is determined by high temperature, humidity. After this pharmaceutical company offers its expiry date as the regulator accepts it or not.

The law requires you to extend the expiry date after approval of the drug. Most companies are not interested in this. Moreover, given the high cost and duration of the procedure. And the American medical Association, too.

In the 2000s, the American medical Association (AMA) has questioned the coincidence of shelf life on the packaging with the actual.

Не викидайте прострочені ліки! Термін придатності - вигадка бюрократів!

After studying the procedure, the AMA concluded that the actual shelf life of drugs longer. This leads to multimillion-dollar losses, high prices and reduced access to drugs in certain categories of patients.

AMA sent letters to the FDA, Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States, the American Association of pharmaceutical researchers and manufacturers (PhRMA) on the rescheduling.

A study conducted by FDA the traces of resolution, showed that two-thirds of the 122 tested drugs with expired shelf life was stable.

As a result, the manufacturer increased the shelf life of a “stable” of drugs by an average of more than 4 years.

The problem of delay of drugs is very relevant today in the world. Some large American clinics have the right to return the drugs that are close to the delay companies and return some money spent on them money.

But even in this case, the clinic will lose approximately $ 200,000 annually. On average for expired medications American healthcare system loses about $ 800 million a year.

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