Celandine is the enemy of all diseases!

We celandine is often called the Russian ginseng.

Чистотіл — ворог усіх хвороб!

The celandine is a very interesting feature. He immediately finds the root of the disease. If the juice or powder is placed on the biologically active point, there is an instant transformation, transfer it to the source of the disease, informs Rus.Media.

We celandine is often called the Russian ginseng. It can be applied in the form of juice, decoction, infusion, extract. About the medicinal properties of celandine people know since ancient times.

For the treatment of eye diseases is necessary to cook the juice of celandine with honey in the ratio 1:1 on low heat, until no further separation of the foam and he will not become like honey. This liquid has to be spread to the eyes from trachoma, cataracts.

Ointment from the juice of the celandine on goat fat Arabs treated and treat ulcers outer. Ointment of powder celandine, lanolin and vaseline, called “Plantatin B”, cures the initial form of cutaneous tuberculosis, psoriasis, skin cancer, red lupus, corn (celandine — 10 grams lanolin 10 grams, petrolatum 10 g, carbolic acid 0,25% — 10 drops).

In the villages in the broth celandine bathed scrofulous children, they are treated cutaneous tuberculosis, scabies, reduce warts & freckles.

Celandine has an antitumor effect, resolves scars after heart attacks and strokes. (1 tablespoon per Cup of boiling water allow to infuse for 15 minutes in a thermos). Take 2 tablespoons 3 times a day before meals.

Infusion of celandine mixed with nettle and calendula prevents the growth of metastases. Herbs taken in equal weight parts, grind, mix. 1 tablespoon of the mixture per Cup of boiling water to insist in a thermos. Take 0.5 cups in the morning on an empty stomach and another half Cup before dinner.

Fresh juice of celandine “burn” warts, warts, polyps, calluses, periodontal disease, it is used in diseases of liver and gall bladder, the fluid in the eye when balm and trachoma, put on the aching tooth. When polyps of the rectum do at night an enema of 5-7 drops of juice of celandine 50-60 grams water.

Juice of celandine can prepare for the winter. To do this, carefully cut the stems 12-15 cm long with flowers, mince and squeeze the juice. For 1 liter of juice you need to add 500 grams of vodka or 250 g of alcohol.

In diseases of the stomach juice to drink: first day 1 teaspoon 3 times a day before meals, and in the second and subsequent days take 1 tablespoon 3 times daily before meals.

NOTE: Celandine is a poisonous plant. Drink a few drops from 2-3.

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